May 31, 2020 Panama City Beach, FL (Day 2)

It was a lazy start to the day. Bob got up at 6 AM and I got up around 6:30. Without the time change, it would have been our regular rising times. Bob worked on installing the new Brake Buddy into the Jeep before it got too hot. It went pretty quickly and easily with a little rewiring for the new one. It should be a better system than the old one. We were slow to get going, but finally decided to check out the beach leaving around 10:00. We cruised all the way down Front Beach Drive to the east as far as all the high-rise hotels went and then drove back the other direction to find a parking place near the City Pier.

The parking lot wasn’t full yet, so it was easy to find a parking space. We parked and walked towards the pier until we found some beach access.

People were pretty good about social distancing, but there were still a lot of people everywhere.

We checked out the cost to walk out on the pier, but decided it was too hot to walk out there. We did walk under the pier which provided us some shade and respite from the hot sun.

Dipping our feet into the water was very cool and refreshing. No wonder people were enjoying the water.

We left there after awhile and cruised west on Front Beach Drive the rest of the way. Traffic was heavy with young people cruising around in rental golf carts, dune buggies, and hopped-up vehicles of all kinds blasting their music. It was crazy! We decided it was time to turn around to head back. We happened to turn around in the Shuckums Party Shack parking lot and decided now would be a good time t to stop for a beer and a bite to eat.

It was before the lunch hour. so it wasn’t very crowded. We sat outside under an umbrella where we had 2 for 1 beers, 12 oysters, and fried pickles.

Bob’s dozen oysters were huge and cheaper than the ones he had yesterday, but not as salty. The fried pickles weren’t my first choice because I wanted the fried mozzarella sticks (which they were out of), but the pickles were still tasty.

The cold beers hit the spot! We left there and headed back to the campground for some peace and quiet, but not before stopping at Culvers. so Bob could get his free birthday hot fudge sundae. He shared it with me and it was the final cooling touch on such a hot, steamy day. Back at the campground, Auggie was anxious for some outdoor time, so I sat outside with him for awhile. After we both got sufficiently hot and sweaty, we went inside to cool off. We relaxed with a little TV before dinner and took our walk when the sun had gone down below the trees. It was much cooler then.

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