May 29, 2022 Moab, UT Day 6

We slept in and read the newspaper in bed. Bob made our usual Sunday breakfast and Auggie got his chicken and rice mixed with a few bits of his usual food. He seems to be doing well. Auggie got his walk after a dark cloud blew over and we got a few sprinkles. It was cloudy this morning with a cooler morning temp of 60. A cold front had moved through the area last night. Rain is predicted for today around noon so we will hold off on making our plans. We don’t want to get caught out on the trail in a thunderstorm. It was raining to the north and south of us so we’ll wait and see. There are a lot of UTV’s in the campground this weekend. Four of our neighbors left this morning to go out on the trails.

We decided that we’d take this weather day to do some housekeeping things on the bus. Bob changed the water filter and releveled the bus. I gave Auggie a trim. I was waiting until he felt a little better until I gave it to him, so today was the day. The weather still threatened for most of the morning.

We had lunch and the rain came just as predicted around noon. We had thunder and the winds picked up. We haven’t had rain in I can’t remember when. They need it badly around here, so I guess it was a blessing. After the storm passed, we took a ride into town to do some grocery shopping. As we unloaded the groceries, the skies unloaded on us. It rained for most of the afternoon. We hung out and waited for the rain to end. It stopped around dinnertime and the sun popped out. It actually rained a little while the sun was out, but no rainbow. We were able to take our evening walk as usual. It’s nice to have a “down day” every now and then to catch up on some things and take a breath. We’ll make plans to do another trail tomorrow with the improved weather conditions.

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  1. On “CBS Sunday Morning” yesterday they talked about long line at Arches National Park.
    Said you had to have a reservation even.


      Yep, we were notified of that before we left, but didn’t have plans to go into Arches until tomorrow to avoid all the weekend, holiday people. Hopefully, I can get a reservation.

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