May 28, 2020 Old Town to Carrabelle, FL

It was hot and steamy when we opened the door this morning with rain in the forecast. We’ll see that repeated forecast throughout our time in Florida. It’s just that time of the year. We pulled out of the campground at 10:00 with 141 miles to travel today. We traveled on Highway 98, a coastal scenic highway, along the “armpit” of the Florida Gulf coast to the town of Carrabelle Beach. Passing through Cross City, we saw a beautiful Memorial Day flag display of their fallen heroes. There were a couple hundred flags on display there with a name on each one and their branch of service.

Traffic was light on Highway 98 on this partly cloudy morning. The road went straight forever where a bend in the road was an unusual sight.

Bob got so excited when there was a curve in the road.

We crossed the Ochlockonee Bay Bridge on our way to our destination.

We arrived at Carrabelle Beach RV Resort at 12:45 and it was hot! We wanted to get set up quickly and get the AC on.

We had a prime site, #54, right on the end of the row facing the water with nothing to block our view.

Beach access to the city beach is just a short walk across the road. We got all set up to spend two nights here and plan to enjoy the pool and beach sunsets. Bob wants to take a short drive to Appalachicola tomorrow, about 10 miles from here, for their oysters. (In 2008, we spent a week in Carrabelle just back up the road about a mile or two, as we brought our boat down from Wisconsin to Florida on the river system. We had to wait for a week in Carrabelle for favorable weather to cross the Gulf of Mexico, so we got very familiar with the town and the surrounding area.) We relaxed outside at the campsite with a great view of the beach and the new arrivals. I didn’t forget to put out my pineapple so it could get some sun.

It never rained on our drive today although the skies looked menacing at times. Auggie got some outside time and later Bob and I took a walk to check out the pool and the beach.

People were social distancing at the beach, but not following the guidelines at the pool of only 10 people in the pool deck area. The office did require you to wear a mask though.

We had dinner and the skies continued to darken with rain approaching on the radar. Auggie and I took our evening walk before the showers arrived and then settled in for the evening.

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