May 26, 2020 Palmetto to Old Town, FL

It was an overcast, humid day to start our trip, as we finished packing the last items and closed up the house. Bob checked the tires as he does each day and discovered that one rear tire was low on air. We pulled out of Montego Dr. where we were temporarily parked for 2 days to load up and stopped at the Auditorium parking lot of our community to fill the tire with air and hook up the Jeep. After 3 attempts to fill up the tire using 3 different air compressors (one at the Auditorium and two from home), we decided that we would have to stop on the road at a Flying J Truck Stop and take care of it there. By now, the sun was out and it was steamy. We finally got on the road at 10:20. Traffic was surprisingly heavy on I-75 going north today. We stopped at the Flying J on I-75 about 60 miles from home to top off the fuel tank and fill that tire with air. What a zoo that truck stop was! We hit a few short rain showers along the way and after a short 6-mile self inflicted detour, we were back on track. We arrived at Suwannee River Bend RV Park at 2:40 after traveling 177 miles today. Our campsite, #50, was a pull-thru site right along the Suwannee River. We got all set up and Auggie got a walk before the rain started. It rained for a short time and we had an “indoor meal” which we have for those days when Bob can’t grill out. Tomorrow we plan to visit Fanning Springs State Park and take a swim in the crystal clear blue springs.

View from our campsite

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  1. Never a dull moment! I discovered an air hose fitting under the hood of my coach that I understand taps into the air compressor for the suspension, which should deliver over 100 lbs of pressure. Just need a hose that can reach the rear tires. I wonder if your coach has a similar air hose fitting.

  2. Maryann Schaefer

    Looking forward to reading about your latest trip! Enjoy and stay safe! Happy Trails! Maryann & Jim

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