May 15, 2022 Study Butte, TX Day 6

Happy 18th Birthday to our grandson, Kaya. Around 11:00 last night, we went outside to view the stars. There was a full moon and with the glow of the moonlight on the ground, it seemed like daytime. It was so bright outside, it was unbelievable! It was so quiet and we were the only ones around. Tonight is the lunar eclipse to see the Blood Moon at 10:30. We are really excited to see that and should have clear skies to do it. We slept in this morning and laid in bed reading the online newspaper. Bob made us our usual Sunday breakfast and then I did the laundry. We had clear, blue skies and by 9:30 it was already 94 degrees. We hung out in the AC most of the afternoon. I worked on the blog and the newsletter, and got caught up on some other odds and ends. Bob did some minor repairs and got things ready to leave tomorrow. The temp had risen to 105 by 4:00, but we were on a mission to find some beers and nachos in town. We did our research and found a place called the Chili Pepper Cafe in Study Butte, but first I wanted to go back to Terlingua to get a better look at the store and the Starlight Theater. We left the campground around 3:30. Before we went to eat, I wanted to stop and get a picture of this longhorn nearby. His horns were amazing! I don’t even know how he could walk carrying those around things. He was a beauty!

From there, we drove 5 miles into Terlingua Ghostown.

As we pulled up to the Terlingua Trading Company, we spotted a roadrunner looking for crumbs. He seemed very tame, like he had done this before. He had beautiful markings on his head. This is my new favorite bird!

We went into the Trading Company to look around, It was much better than I expected it to be.

There was a whole room full of books for sale. Another area full of wine and food. Another room was full of antiques. That was besides the main room which was full of trinkets, clothing, handicrafts, and souvenirs. It was a very nice store.

We spent quite a bit of time in there. I found a Big Bend shirt that I had to have. We left there and wanted to look into the Starlight Theater, but it was closed until 5. Bummer! We did take a look into the Terlingua Jail though.

A tour bus pulled in, so we pulled out. As we left the Ghostown, we saw more of the ruins left from the miners.

We made another stop at the cemetery to get a better look. Many people leave sentimental items by the graves.

From this high point in town, we had a nice view of the area around us. We had a pretty clear sky today.

We left there to go have beers and nachos at the Chili Pepper Cafe. It was right across the road from the campground.

We were the only ones there just before 5:00, but others came in after us. We ordered the Nachos Grande and it was delicious. washed down with a cold beer. That was the biggest order of sour cream I’ve ever had and we’ve had a lot of nachos. We couldn’t finish it all, so we brought the leftovers back for a snack later.

We went back to the bus to feed Auggie and wait for the sun to go down to cool things off a little. At 6:00, the temp was 103. It’s got to start going down soon! I didn’t want to take Auggie out for his walk until it cooled down a bit. It was just a waiting game. Auggie got his walk around 7:00. We plan to stay up and watch the lunar eclipse here around 10:30. The skies should be clear for viewing. Tomorrow we leave for Carlsbad Caverns for 3 nights. We have to travel some of the same highway that we used to get here, but there will be some new areas to see. We are looking forward to new adventures and touring the cave in Carlsbad.

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