Madison, WI June 2014

Wednesday, June 11, 2014 We tried to sleep in, but we had an 8:30 appointment at Discount Tires to get 2 new tires installed on the rear axle …….except the tires we ordered never came in. New plan…..go to Farm and Fleet and have 2 new tires put on at 11:30. Geez….we could have slept in after all. We took the trailer to Farm and Fleet, dropped it off, and ran a couple of errands while we waited. Our first stop was to go into Farm and Fleet to look for some sandals, then to Michael’s Craft Store for bear bells, and lastly Jacobson Deli for fresh Jacobson brats and potato salad. I’ve had a taste for them for awhile now. Farm and Fleet called to say that the trailer was ready at 1:00. Perfect timing! We were all done with our errands and went to pick it up. Everything went well and we were on our way by 1:30. We went back to the campground and set up the trailer for one more night. Bob’s brother, John, rode his bike over to the campground around 3:00, via the bike trail, to check out the trailer and visit. It started to rain a little as he arrived, but stopped shortly after. Bob’s sister, Mary, stopped by around 3:30 to see our trailer and to meet Auggie. The sun finally came out and we were able to sit outside and enjoy the day.

They both left around 4:00 because Bob and I had plans to go to our friends’ house for dinner in Sun Prairie. Bernie and Barb live mostly in Cape Coral, FL, but still have a house in town. It’s very rare occasion that they would be here in Madison at the same time we are, but they were back in town for a couple of graduations. We got caught up on all the latest and enjoyed sitting out on their deck while the grilling took place. 

Barb prepared a fabulous dinner and we enjoyed some good conversation. We had a great time and will see them again back in Florida.

We left around 8:00 and got back to the campground so I could walk Auggie before dark. We took our walk along the bike trail for a bit and spotted a large doe grazing in the farm field. She was beautiful and must have picked up our scent because she raised her head and looked right at us. 

Auggie and I walked back to the trailer as the mosquitoes started to attack us. We got back to the trailer and relaxed with a little TV. Tomorrow we leave for Albert Lea, MN. We’re on our way!

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