Madison, WI Day 2

July 20, 2015

We slept late which was nice. We got up, had breakfast, and did a few chores around the trailer. It was a very nice day, cooler morning temps, and sunshine. About 11:30, we headed downtown to State St. where we would meet with our optometrist, Dr. Mike, who is Bob’s friend from high school. We drove along John Nolan Dr. which gave us a beautiful view of the Madison skyline across Lake Monona and the Capitol.

We parked in the parking structure near State Street and walked a block to the office for our annual eye checkups. We were in and out of the office in no time with a great report on our eyes. We drove down University Avenue towards University Hospital to see if we could get those free bike helmets that Mary told Bob about.

As we were going up in the elevator from the parking structure to the hospital lobby, we met a man who told us that the office that gives out the helmets is closed on Mondays. I guess it saved us a trip upstairs and we didn’t get charged for parking. We’ll have to stop by another day. We left there and stopped in at the AAA office in Middleton to pick up some maps for our return trip home. Our next stop was to visit our old house in the Town of Middleton on Cobblestone Ct. It looks the same, except that the trees are much more mature. It does my heart good to know that the lady that lives there is taking good care of it. I loved that house and my spacious backyard, but I don’t miss raking the leaves or snowblowing that driveway!

From there, we stopped at Brennans to pick up some of the world’s best potato salad from Jacobson’s Deli for the party tomorrow. Then it was time to head back to the trailer. Paul and Patty were going to stop by and pick us up to go to Bernie and Barb’s for dinner. Bernie and Barb spend most of their time in Cape Coral, FL, but come back to Wisconsin for a month or two in the summer. It’s funny that we get to see them in Wisconsin and have a hard time hooking up with them in Florida. Patty and Paul arrived at 3:30 and checked out our new trailer. They hadn’t seen it yet since we bought it. After awhile, we left the campground and took the short drive with them to Sun Prairie. Barb cooked an absolutely delicious dinner of salmon stuffed with crab, rice, and broccoli slaw. To top it off we had carrot cake for dessert! We enjoyed our evening with our good friends from Madison. No matter how much time has passed since we saw them last, we can always take up where we left off. Paul and Patty dropped us back at the trailer about 8:00, so Auggie and I had time to take our evening walk before it got dark and the mosquitoes came out. It had rained at the campground while we were gone, but we never got a drop in Sun Prairie. Auggie and I walked along the river that borders the campground.

We walked until we got to the end of the park and could see the river’s entrance to Lake Waubesa. A boat was just coming through the pass.

We returned to the trailer and relaxed with a little TV before calling it a night. We were both more tired than we thought. So was Auggie.

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