Lumberton, NC to Brunswick, GA

We were up early and pulling out around 8:15. We stopped for gas just down the road and were on the move again. We had heavy rain last night and everything was soaked, but the sun was out this morning and hopefully, the forecasted rain today will hold off until this afternoon. Hurricane Isaac looks like he wants to visit Florida really bad and the storm tracks take it over Tampa and into the Gulf of Mexico. About 15 miles down the road, we finally came to a place called “South of the Border”. We have seen 50+ billboards for South of the Border as we traveled through North Carolina. It has an amusement park, campground, miniature golf, restaurants, and shops. It’s huge.

We crossed the South Carolina border around 9 AM and traveled across the entire width of the state.

Trafffic was pretty heavy, especially with semis. It started to cloud up and was pretty gray, but was even darker to the east of us and was raining.

We ate lunch on the road and crossed into GA about 12:45.

Just past Savannah, we ran into the rain. It came down hard for a mile or two in huge drops and then it was gone….for awhile. It came back in full force as a heavy downpour just a few miles later and stayed with us until we got to our exit for the campground near Brunswick, GA. The temperature dropped from 83 degrees to 71 degrees in a few short minutes while it rained. As we found our campground and checked in at 2:30, the rain stopped. 

We set up our campsite and were able to sit outside for awhile. This is a classy place and they offered a discount because it just opened up.

Auggie got a walk to the dog park and around the campground. We returned to the campsite and were able to enjoy the rest of the afternoon outside as we watched the dark clouds approaching. Around suppertime, the rain started and we moved inside. It rained hard with lightning and thunder for about an hour . We were happy to be off the road. We cooked dinner and watched some TV (football). We called it an early night so we could get a fresh start in the morning. We traveled 298 miles today.

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