Littleton, CO to Oakley, KS July 30, 2014

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 We got up naturally about 6:30 and got ready to leave. It had rained off and on all night lightly, but not the torrential rain and flooding Denver seemed to have. We were lucky to be able to pack up and empty the holding tank in between rain showers and we were on our way at 8:20. It was raining pretty hard and it was foggy. Not a good combination for a stressfree drive. The rain finally lightened up as we went east from Denver and visibility improved.

Eastern Colorado consists of vast expanses of grasslands as we traveled on I-70 towards Kansas. It finally stopped raining, but was overcast as we reached the Kansas border at 12:20.

In any direction, we could see for miles. It was FLAT….forever!! It was cloudy, but at least it wasn’t raining.

We saw this blade hauler come into the gas station we were at. Those wind generator blades are HUGE when you’re right up next to them. It was amazing just to watch him turn with that thing.

We arrived at our campground, High Plains Camping, at 1:30 and set up. It was really 2:30 since we moved into the Central Time Zone.

The campground wasn’t much to speak of, but it was better than we thought it would be based on the RV Review website. It had a lot of amenities, even though it wasn’t a destination campground.

The temp was a cool 72 degrees, but good for sleeping. We had heard it could be quite hot here in the High Plains. Auggie finally got a walk. It was raining when we left this morning when we usually take him. We are near the town of Oakley which is where they decided who was going to be “Wild Bill Hickok.”. We hung out and relaxed before dinner. Bob grilled chicken for dinner and we all took a walk after dinner. Tomorrow we were headed for Wichta, KS.

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