Littleton, CO July 26, 2014

Saturday, July 26, 2014 We stayed up quite late last night watching a movie and slept in this morning. We had plans to meet Suzy and the family at Bennett’s baseball game. We left the campground at 9:30 with Auggie and we headed for the Northridge Recreation Center. We hooked up with Suzy and found a nice place in the shade to watch the game. Bennett and his team did really well today.

They played well and hit hard. Bennett started out by playing center field and later switched to second base. His team won 8-2.

The game lasted about 90 minutes and then we were off to the beach. The campground/park has a nice swimming beach and the girls wanted to take a swim, so they joined us at the park after lunch. They came to the campsite to check out the camper and then we all went down to the swimming area.

The dark clouds started rolling in over the mountains in the afternoon as they have the last couple of days, but we were hoping that the rain would hold off. We sat at the beach for awhile and the girls went swimming.

After awhile, we felt some raindrops and heard some thunder. We even saw some lightning bolts come down across the lake from where we sat. Once it started to rain harder, we grabbed everything and took cover under a big tree. We sat there and waited for the dark rain clouds to pass.

It was awhile before the sun peeked out and the rain moved on, but we stayed pretty dry under the tree. By 3:00, we were ready to head out. We went back to the camper for a little while before going to Suzy’s house to make dinner. We had to do some grocery shopping first, but then Bob would grill dinner for everyone. We got to their house around 4:30, picked up Suzy and the girls, and did some grocery shopping at Sam’s Club. There was a lot of sampling to be done as we cruised around the store. We got what we needed for dinner tonight and tomorrow. Back at the house, Bob and Bennett worked on grilling the chicken. Chloe, Ashley, and I shucked the corn. Chloe set a beautiful table and made place cards for everyone. She’s the little chef and presentation is everything! When the chicken was done, we all sat down to a beautiful table of delicious food. Best of all, we had watermelon for dessert!

We left about 7:30, so we could get back to the camper and spend some time with Auggie. We did make a quick stop to check out the marina here in the park. It is quite large and has some bigger boats in it.

Once we got back to the camper, the light rain had stopped, so I took Auggie for his walk. He got to run and meet a lot of other people and dogs. He always loves that. We watched a movie and went to bed a little earlier than yesterday. We have plans to go up into the mountains with Suzy and the kids tomorrow and do some hiking up to St. Mary’s Glacier. We’re looking forward to that.

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