Lake Worth to Ft. Lauderdale

We’re on the move again today down to Ft. Lauderdale. After completing our morning routine we began to disassemble our camp. We each have certain jobs to do and it makes the process go quickly and smoothly. The skies darkened with the threat of rain, but we were on our way by 10:00 without a drop falling. The traffic was heavy as we traveled on I-95 south. We arrived at our campground, Yacht Haven Park and Marina, around 10:45, picked out a campsite #423, and settled in by 11:30.

We took a drive around the campground after we unhitched the trailer because the roads are narrow and that would make it hard to get around with the trailer in tow. This campground is surrounded by canals and lies on the New River which flows through the heart of Ft. Lauderdale.

Nearby is a service yard for yachts of every size. This is where all the yachts come for service.

Some yachts tie up in the canals behind the campsites while they wait for service. We’ve never seen so many yachts in one place before.

We decided to do some wash while we are here because the machines are cheap ($1.00) and there were a lot of them. I loaded up the laundry and some magazines and Bob dropped me off in the laundry area. I spent an hour doing laundry and getting caught up on some reading. Bob hung out with Auggie at the trailer, did some online banking, and checked emails.

Afterwards, we sat out with Auggie at the campsite. He was tied near a row of hedges where he could search for geckos…and he did!

He looked high and low.

He saw a few geckos climb up into the palm tree near him and he patiently waited for them to come back down.

We noticed that someone was very curious about what Auggie was doing. Auggie never knew she was there under our trailer.

Later in the afternoon, we took a short walk over to the Rendezvous Waterfront Bar and Grill for happy hour.

We took a table near the water where we admired all the yachts in the marina.

After a few beers, we walked back to the campground where we began our dinner preparations. We were having pork chops on the grill with baked potatoes and fresh sweet corn. Yesterday, when we were at Two Georges Restaurant, Bob had stopped to talk to a charter captain about his catch. He mentioned we were originally from Wisconsin and the guy gave us some ears of sweet corn to take home with us. We really enjoyed it for dinner tonight! After dinner, Bob, Auggie, and I took a walk around the campground along the canals to check out the yachts tied there.

It was a beautiful night for a walk! Auggie got to meet some ducks, another cat, and got a dog treat from one of the other campers. He loved every minute!

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