Lake Worth, FL Day 3

Happy 9th Birthday, Kaya. We hope you had a wonderful day! We went through our usual morning routine and made some reservations at campgrounds for the rest of our trip. Bob did some Co-op business and we were ready to begin our day. We drove north to West Palm Beach to check out CityPlace in the downtown area. It is said to resemble a European town.

We parked the car and walked around. The area offered a mix of upscale shopping, dining, and entertainment.

We walked through the courtyard where there were dancing fountains that are choreographed to light and music in the evenings.

The courtyard also housed the Harriet Himmel Theater and Muvico, which is an IMAX theater.

We walked around the area doing some window shopping and admiring the architecture.

We left there after an hour and drove down Okeechobee Boulevard to the coast and the city of Palm Beach.

The tree-lined boulevard was beautiful and what I always pictured when I’ve heard the name “Palm Beach”.

We drove down highway A1A which is also Ocean Boulevard that parallels the coast. The homes were amazing and many were hidden by well-manicured hedges.

One was more beautiful than the next and each one was perfectly manicured.

We continued south on A1A to the town of Lake Worth where we decided to stop at Kreusler Park to check out the view.

The water was an amazing aqua blue color–just breathtaking. We walked on the boardwalk along the beach toward the Municipal Pier where you could fish or enjoy some food and drink.

We passed the Lake Worth Casino. It’s a casino in name only-named for the building that housed the real casino in the 1930’s. Now it houses a restaurant and some shops.

From the beachwalk, we could see boats cruising the coastline.

There were lots of people on the beach today–hanging out and taking a swim. It was a great beach day!

After our walk, we took our beach chairs and our cooler and sat on the beach for a couple of hours. We had another great afternoon with sunny skies and an afternoon onshore breeze. The lifeguards had up the warning flags that signaled dangerous sealife and rip currents. There were also red flags up to mark the area of rip currents and where swimming was not allowed. Yet, there were people swimming in those restricted areas. The lifeguards kept whistling people to stay out of the area and still one woman ignored the warning and got swept out with the rip current. Luckily, a lifeguard noticed her and swam out to rescue her. She was lucky!

There were lots of people sporting some interesting tatoos. This was one of them. We had to take a picture so we could see up close what it was. It must have been a picture of a relative. It was very well-done.

We drove back to the campground after a couple of hours and as we crossed the bridge over the ICW we could get a good look at all the yachts docked at the marinas there.

Once back at the campsite we gave Auggie a chance to run around outside before dinner. After dinner and Auggie’s walk, we watched some TV and relaxed as evening fell. The wind picked up and dark clouds arrived. We might get a shower tonight.

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