Lake George, NY Day 2

July 18, 2023 We had a leisurely morning and left the campground to go downtown about 11:30. It’s a short drive to the Village of Lake George. The downtown shopping area was busy with cars, but not so busy with shoppers.

We were headed to Beach Rd. at the south end of the lake. We found parking right away near Fort William Henry.

We had toured the fort last time we visited here so that was not on our agenda today. We wanted to walk along the lake shore boardwalk path. There were not many people around today, so maybe the bad air quality report today kept some away.

This beautifully carved wooden canoe along the boardwalk depicts Native Americans and Major Robert Rogers of the British army on a scouting mission on Lake George during the French and Indian War.

Fort William Henry belonged to the British during the war and was destroyed in that war.

Today, the air quality index was 127 due to the fires in Canada and you could see it in the air. The haze hid the mountains in the background.

Along the waterfront are the boats that give tours on Lake George. There was the Adirondac, the Horicon, the Lac du Saint Sacrement, and the Minnie-Ha-Ha.

The boardwalk around the lake was adorned with pictures of the different kinds of fish found in the lake. These were just two of them.

The parasailing and boat rental companies were active today. We could see people enjoying themselves on the lake.

We walked out towards Shepard Park and stood on the fishing pier there. We got a good look back at the businesses on the shoreline.

The restaurant on the lake that we ate at last time we were here had gone out of business, so we tried the new Lighthouse Grill.

We sat on the covered upper deck overlooking the lake and had a great view.

From the inside bar you could get an amazing view of the lake with the automated windows open and the Adirondac chairs on the deck.

We had beverages and calamari for a snack. We walked back along the lake to the tour boat booths to check out a riverboat tour on the lake for tomorrow and then walked back to the Jeep. On our drive back, we wanted to stop and check out 2 other campgrounds in the area for next time. One was Lake George RV Park and the other was Ledge View RV Park and Village. Lake George RV Park would be an option next time, but Ledge View was a pet-free park, so that one wouldn’t work.

Bob tried to talk me into buying this lovely pink flamingo paddleboat that was for sale on the side of the road, but no. I don’t think so.

We got back to the campground around 2:00 to warmer temps and cloudy skies. It looked like a rain cloud was moving in. The campground was quiet and I was feeling somewhat lazy, so Auggie and I sat outside and took a snooze. It started to rain lightly later in the afternoon while we sat outside. Bob joined us outside after he took a nap inside. We sat out and watched our neighbors arrive in their RV and set up in the rain. The rain eventually stopped and we went inside to have dinner. The weather for tomorrow looks goodm so we are planning to take a boat tour on Lake George.

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