Lake Boca Raton to Lake Worth

Thursday, April 10, 2014 Well, let me begin by saying that we had some great skies to see Jupiter last night, but the clouds blew in and the visibility was gone to see Saturn and Mars. Darn! When we went to bed at 10:00, the water was glassy calm and I thought we would be in for a peaceful night. We did until…… 2:30 AM when the anchor alarm went off. Both of us bolted out of bed only to find that it was a false alarm. It had lost its radio beacon for a moment and set off the alarm. We tried to go back to sleep, but the wind had changed direction and created some chop against the hull making it noisy and difficult to fall asleep. Bob finally did, but I tossed and turned and finally dozed off. At 7:30 AM another “low battery” alarm went off and so that ended our sleep permanently. But Auggie slept on….

We got up, had breakfast, took Auggie to shore, and were hauling up the anchor and on our way by 9:30. We had to have a few low bridges open for us today, so we timed those as best we could.

There was little boat traffic except around the more populated areas. There were a lot of police boats out patrolling today. We had this water skiier come past us on the river. This is the only one we’ve seen on this whole trip.

Traveling through Lake Worth was uneventful. We were traveling the same way we came, except this time I could see different homes from my side of the boat. The only bad thing is that we’ll be seeing most of the same things on the way back that we did on the way down. If the winds had been lighter during the course of the trip, we may have been able to do part of the passage “outside” in the Atlantic Ocean and not have to repeat the same scenery. No big deal! There’s comfort in knowing some of the marinas and anchorages you’ve been to and what to expect. There’s always something new to see that you missed the first time….like this huge mansion on the shores of Lake Worth.

Or this grand hotel or residence complex in West Palm Beach.

The day had started out sunny, but by the time we reached Lake Worth Inlet, it had started to cloud up. It was still pretty windy, but it didn’t affect our travel. Passing the Peanut Island area in Palm Beach and this haven for yachts, we caught a glimpse of the yacht called Seven Seas and the yacht, Limitless, owned by the family who owns The Limited clothing stores. (Bob had read about it in one of his boating magazines.)

We saw this ship hauling 2 yachts and a sailboat on its deck from St. Johns, delivering it here. The boats were strapped down on the deck for their ocean voyage. 

I guess that’s one way to get your boat across the ocean.

People were picnicing on Peanut Island where you can only arrive by water.

Of course, you need to have the usual “party barge” for those weekend getaways.

We motored slowly through the last section of Lake Worth to our anchorage–arriving at 2:10. We had been here before and we chose a spot to be out of the wind as much as we could.

We relaxed doing some reading and after awhile the sun came out and the clouds disappeared. It turned out to be a very nice day. Auggie never moved from his spot on the seat next to me….half in, half out of his bed.

While we watched the news, this yacht came right past us touring the area….maybe on a “dinner” cruise with all his rich friends.

We had dinner and did our dinghy run to shore for Auggie. I did a quick run to Publix for a few items while Bob walked Auggie at the landing. Hopefully, we’ll have a peaceful night and be able to do some more star gazing. The sunset was absolutely beautiful!


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