Kingsland to Brunswick, GA

May 20, 2023 It was a nice, cool morning of 70 degrees. The sun was out which made for a perfect day. We only had 35 miles to go today, so we weren’t in any rush. As I said yesterday, we have been to this campground before, but never for any length of time–just overnight. The check-out time from our campground was 11:00, but we took our time in leaving because check-in time at our next campground was not until 1:00. We called ahead to see if our campsite was available and we could come early. Our campsite was empty from the night before, so we got ready to leave at noon. I was going to be driving the Jeep, following Bob in the motorhome. We had never done that before, but with such a short distance to go, it wouldn’t be a problem. It saved us the time to hook-up the Jeep to the motorhome.

The drive was uneventful and we arrived at Coastal Georgia RV Resort at 12:30.

Because we would be here for 4 days, we chose campsite #116 that backed up to the lake.

The site is very private with tall bushes between the sites. In our bushes, there is a nest of Northern Mockingbirds who were not happy that we had arrived.

They kept dive-bombing Auggie whenever he got near, making a loud squawking racket. He quickly learned to steer clear of them and they left him alone.

We watched the campers arriving all afternoon and the campground was beginning to fill up. We left Florida and what happens? Trump shows up at our campground! Yikes!

While we enjoyed the peace and solitude sitting by the lake, I did 2 loads of wash as we ended our first week of vacation. I really enjoy my washer and dryer on the motorhome for convenience.

I really never minded using the laundromats at the campgrounds when we had our travel trailer. Most laundromats were very nice and not expensive. The advantage of doing the wash at the laundromat is that multiple loads can be done at the same time, so it takes less time overall. Our motorhome is very comfortable with all the comforts of home. . . . and more!

They are predicting rain during the next two days, so we’ll have to plan our sightseeing accordingly. We have been to many of these coastal towns by boat, so it’s always interesting to see the same areas from the landside. We enjoyed the afternoon by the lake and then went inside to watch the Preakness. We both enjoy horse racing and were hoping that our “favorite” would win the race. (He didn’t). Bob grilled chicken for dinner and we enjoyed our walk around the campground before settling down to watch some TV.


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