Kingsland, GA Day 4

May 19, 2023 It started out as an overcast day with a temperature in the low 80’s. We did some business in the morning, checked email, and made calls. About 12:30, we decided to take a drive into Kingsland, just a 5-minute drive down the road. Kingsland is a small town of about 18,000 people.

The 2-block historic district is on the National Register of Historic Places as of 1994.

Another claim to fame is that it is the location where Star Trek Continues was filmed. The building is just a prefab sound-stage warehouse sitting in a cluster of residential streets near the Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base. We didn’t search it out as there would be nothing to see. We did see a couple of historic buildings in town and found a great seafood store. There was lots of fresh seafood with much of the fish not even being filleted yet. Now that’s fresh!

As we headed back to the campground, the sun started to pop out. The weatherman took the rain out of the forecast today and tomorrow, even though there were a couple of dark clouds around. The past 2 days we’ve had showers pop-up in the afternoon. Tomorrow we move up the road about 30 miles to Brunswick, GA. We have stayed at this lovely campground a few times before, but it was usually just an overnight stop. This time it’s for a few days and we’ll explore some of the points of interest near by. We enjoyed happy hour outside on a beautiful afternoon watching Auggie hunt relentlessly for geckos and anything that moved. He went non-stop!

The beginning of this trip was planned to start out slow-and-easy, giving the weather time to warm up in the mid to northern states, but we also wanted to enjoy the months of May and June before the tourist season really begins and tourists swarm the area. This campground really started to fill up today with families of campers for the weekend. More kids appeared with parents and grandparents, as this campground lends itself to that kind of clientele with a pool that has water slides, a bounce pad, game room, and miniature golf. We grilled hamburgers for dinner and took our evening walk. We don’t have to leave very early tomorrow since we can’t check into our next campground until 1:00 and we don’t have far to go. It will be another laid-back kind of morning!

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