Kentville to Digby, NS

We had partly cloudy skies and a temp of 66 degrees this morning. We pulled out of the campground at 9:15 for our drive of 89 miles today. Highway 101 along the coast took us through farm country where we saw fields of apples, berries, beans, tomatoes, and corn. It was definitely a fertile valley. After crossing the Annapolis Valley, we climbed up and over the mountains. From the top, we could see the Bay of Fundy and the city of Victoria Beach across the bay.

We descended into the Digby area. Digby overlooks the scenic Annapolis Basin and Digby Gut (an opening in the spit of land).

We passed over the Annapolis River where we could see all kinds of people on ATV’s digging for mussles and clams while the tide was out. As we neared the town, we got a view of the Bay of Fundy at low tide.

We took exit 26 to the town of Digby and our campground.

We had to make a bathroom stop for Bob (too much coffee) and pulled into the Wal-Mart parking lot. We needed a few items anyhow and were a little early to check into our campground. This was our first Wal-Mart stop with the trailer. 

From there, we drove through town to the Digby Campground.

We took a site on the top of the hill and set up camp by 11:30. That’s our trailer to the left of the tower.

After lunch, we drove out to the St. John’s Ferry dock. Along the road there, we saw these fish pens (aqua-culture) sitting out in the bay, probably for salmon. They grow the salmon and then harvest them.

The ferry was out, so from there we took the short drive into downtown Digby. The scenic waterfront is lined with quaint shops, cafes, and restaurants. 

There were fishing boats tied up to the wharf and pleasure boats in the marina. 

This boat was sitting high-and-dry in the harbor entrance.

We parked the car and walked up and down Main Street. At the Subway Shop they were offering this special today. Yum??

We checked out a few restaurants for our anniversary dinner tonight.

The Fundy Restaurant had this HUGE lobster sitting in the tank, but we decided not to eat there.

We decided on this one–the Shoreline Restaurant, which had the best deal on a a scallop dinner.

From the outside deck, you could see the harbor and Yacht Club. On the cliffs above the bay was this really awesome resort, The Pines.

We walked out on the wharf. This little boat and pier were waiting for the tide to come in.

This is the largest working marina we’ve seen so far on this trip. It was really amazing! The lobster boats were coming in to off-load their catch and take on the bait (frozen redfish) and tons of ice.

Bob was intrigued by how quickly they worked. They were in and out in no time.

The lobsters were kept in holding tanks, filled with water below deck, until they were unloaded into trucks.

The lobster boats were coming into port all afternoon, but few of the scallop boats were working today.

The scallop boats drag the chains from the back of the boat along the bottom of the ocean. The scallops latch onto the chains and then they are removed when it is brought to the surface. Interesting!

We stopped into the Royal Fundy Seafood Market to check out what they had. The price on fresh scallops was pretty good.

We made a stop in the Mag Pyes Bakery Shop for a blueberry pie. She agreed to make us a fresh one with the local blueberries she picked up this morning. We would have to come back later when it was ready. No problem!

We headed back to camp and already the tide was coming in. This is the same boat we saw earlier that was high-and-dry then. Not so much now.

We hung out with Auggie and had a cocktail before dinner. The day continued to warm up with temps reaching the low 70’s. We went back into town for dinner around 5:00. We ate at the Shoreline Restaurant and started our anniversary dinner with escargot. It was overflowing with snails, garlic butter, and melted cheese. Yum! We followed the appetizer with a scallop dinner. We each got 9 silver dollar-sized scallops sauteed in butter. Double yum!! It was a memorable meal!

After dinner, we walked down to the water’s edge and watched 9 sailboats participate in the Yacht Club regatta.

We stopped back to pick up our blueberry pie, still warm from the oven. We had a slice when we got back. It was oozing with blueberries. Very tasty!

We had a great belated annivery dinner celebration. As the sun went down, we took Auggie for a walk around the campground. This is the smallest campground we’ve been to with 43 sites and only 6 were occupied. It was a quiet night in the old campground tonight. The moon came up and we relaxed with some satellite TV. Tomorrow we’ll take a drive along the Digby Neck–a narrow ribbon of land that juts out into the Bay of Fundy. The town of Digby is in the upper right-hand corner.

It is one of the best whale-watching areas where the whales come to feed all summer. We might be able to see them from shore. Keep your fingers crossed.

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