Kentville, NS Day 2

Happy Anniversary to us! 30 wonderful years! It goes by so fast. I don’t think we’ve ever been home to celebrate our anniversary in all these years. We’ve always been traveling somewhere, so we have great anniversary memories from some wonderful places. We woke up to some strong winds and rain moving into the area. We anticipated this so we made plans accordingly. We had breakfast and the three of us left for Halls Harbour to view the low tide at 10:36.

We arrived in Halls Harbour at 10:00 to view low tide and were amazed at what we saw! I’ll let you see for yourself!

The tide gauge will only start to measure when there is water in the harbor. The tide has to come up 24′ for the gauge to even move. The beach is 24 feet lower than the channel coming into the harbor. You can kind of see it from this picture. The water has to come up the beach 24′ before it even enters this harbor channel.

The tide was as low as it was going to get, so the tidal gauge would move as the tide came in and reached 24′.

We walked over to the beach area and it was even more mind blowing! What a difference a tide makes!

This is the same beach at high tide.

You can tell how far the tide went out by the distance I am from the seawall that Bob is standing next to. There was so much more beach today. When I took this picture I was not standing all the way at the water’s edge.

We took some time to sit and take in the view. The Bay of Fundy is truly an amazing place.

We had seen pictures of boats sitting on the bottom after the tide went out and wanted to find that place. Bob did some research and discovered it was Halls Harbour, so we just had to come and see it for ourselves. We were able to walk around and take lots of pictures before the rain moved in. Yesterday, we had seen this strange contraption and wondered if it was a giant still. 

The guys working on it told us it was a water filtration system for purifying the water. They said the tap water in Halls Harbour is salty and many people use bottled water. They were hoping this system would improve the taste and quality of the water. We waited until exactly 10:36 (low tide) and then left as the rain fell. 

Here are two pictures of the same boat. The first one is during high tide and the second one is during low tide. See for yourself!

Our experience in Halls Harbour was TIDALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!

We stopped at this grocery store in Kentville on the way back because we saw their sign that said half price ground beef. We went in to take a look. They had great prices on their homegrown produce so we picked up some tomatoes and lettuce, besides the ground beef. We also bought some seafood chowder to have for lunch and headed back to camp. We did some trip planning and watched some TV until the rain stopped. It rained pretty steadily for most of the afternoon. All the locals were happy about that because it was pretty dry around here and they haven’t had rain for over 2 weeks. We were happy to have the rain wash off the road dust from the truck and the trailer. It was nice to chill out and have nowhere to go and nothing to do. We cooked dinner indoors because of the rain and watched some TV the rest of the evening. Tomorrow we head for Digby, the scallop capital of the world. We’ll celebrate our anniversary there with a nice dinner.

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