June 7 Stuart–Day 3

It rained lightly after the sun went down, but otherwise we did not have any strong winds last night.  This morning, we woke up to sunny skies and windy conditions. Based on the weather forecast with winds in the 15-20 mph range all day, we decided not to move up to Vero Beach.  Trying to dock in high winds and strong tidal currents running through Vero Beach Marina is a recipe for disaster.  Better to stay tied up here for another day.  Things look better for tomorrow.  Instead, we decided to borrow two bikes from the marina and take a short 10 minute ride to Publix.  (The bikes are available to boaters at no cost.)  We bought a few items and brought things back to the boat.  I stopped at the boater’s lounge to take a picture of the mooring field where 2-3′ waves were rolling through. 

From the second story, I also noticed this poor guy who decided to scrape the bottom of his dinghy to get off of all the barnacles.  Oh my!  I think he let his dinghy sit in the water too long.

We hung out at the boat until lunch and later took a walk along the waterfront.  There is a boardwalk that takes you from the marina to the park across the highway.  It was quite windy to walk along the water, so we walked in the shade under the highway instead.  The roadway above us makes an interesting artistic design.

There were some people fishing off of the pier under the highway, but it was a struggle with the wind.  Bob is demonstrating just how windy it was.  We guessed the winds were blowing at a sustained 20 mph.

Auggie enjoyed his walk (he always does), but we all came back to the boat tired and sweaty.  The humidity was still very high.  We did some work around the boat until dinner and Bob cooked shish-kabob on the grill.  After dinner, Auggie and I took our evening walk as the sun went down.  The humidity and wind had dropped off by then so it was a very pleasant walk.   We watched some TV and relaxed as darkness fell.  Tomorrow, after checking the weather, we’ll decide if we stay or if we go.  

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