June 6, 2020 Longview to Sunrise, TX

Bob has an inner alarm clock set for 6 AM. He seems to get up all on his own. Bob gets up and does his research on where we are going, what bridges we will cross, what problem areas we will encounter. That’s a good thing! We were on the road at 8:45 AM hoping to cover 211 miles to Sunrise, TX before it got too hot. It was already 80 degrees at 7 AM. Today, Highway 20 had an interesting wayside–a picnic area made to look like a field of oil wells.

We planned to make a fuel stop today–not because we needed it, but because we had to plan for fuel in certain areas where there was good, cheap access to diesel fuel. We stopped near Canton, TX at a Pilot station. It was a fast in and out, about a 15 minute stop. Where Florida is seeing a deluge of rain from Hurricane Cristobal, Texas is really dry until Cristobal makes its presence known in the Gulf in a few days.

Traffic jammed up on the outskirts of Dallas and was slow going for awhile until we got past the city and got rid of the traffic and congestion.

We were on the northern bypass around town. Bob said to remind him not to come back this way on our way home. We fixed the issue with the generator yesterday by discovering that the breaker switch had been flipped. With the generator working and turned on today for most of the drive, Auggie had a cool, comfortable ride. We came to an area where many interchanges crossed over one another. It looked like spaghetti on the GPS map, but the pillars were beautifully marked with the Texas Lone Star on them.

Once we got away from Dallas, it immediately turned to countryside. We did not see any oil derricks pumping for oil, but saw many capped off wells. We arrived at Camper’s Paradise RV Park in Sunrise, TX at 1:00.

We were told to choose site #21 or #22 by the office personnel. Both sites were too narrow, so we asked to move to site #10. We found out later from the office, that we were in the wrong area. This campground has sites with the same numbers and we should have been on the other side of the campground in the pull-thru sites #21 or #22. Oh well! We decided to stay where we were.

We hooked up and sat in the AC while the temperature rose to 95 degrees outside. There was no shade to speak of, so Auggie didn’t get much outside time today. Once it cooled down after dinner, we took our walk around the campground to check out where we might have been. Tomorrow we have a long drive to Amarillo, TX.

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  1. I like the most recent date popping up right away. I think previously I had to scroll a lot.
    Safe travels, dear friends

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