June 5, 2020 Lafayette, LA to Longview, TX

We didn’t set the alarm last night, but Bob got up at 6 AM anyhow. The skies were sunny and Cristobal hadn’t moved much since yesterday, so we’re off to a good start today. We were on the move at 9 AM with 281 miles to go. Our destination was Longview, TX. We would be traveling north on I-49 with 3-one night stays in TX. Our only stop on today’s drive would at the Welcome Center Rest Area at the LA/TX border. We’ve never been to Louisiana before, except to New Orleans, but it’s not at all what I expected it to look like.

Did you know that in this part of Louisiana, they have rice fields. The fields are covered with water. Sometimes they use the same fields to harvest crayfish by placing traps in the water. Apparently, the crayfish eat the rice. Who would have thought? Highway 49 went on and on with few exits and light traffic Along the highway, there was little to look at other than the lush clusters of woods and farm fields. There were no road signs or billboards. It was nice not to have the signs cluttering up the highway.

The condition of the road surface did not improve and it was a bumpy ride. The temperature outside rose to 90 degrees. Auggie was hot and tired of riding in the seat behind us, so he came and sat on my lap for awhile. He was much happier there. We were having a little trouble getting the generator to work the AC in the bus so it would be cooler for Auggie. We would get that all figured out for tomorrow’s drive.

Passing Shreveport the traffic was heavy. From there, we hopped on I-20 which took us into Texas. Around 1:00, we stopped at the Welcome Center Rest Area at the Texas state line.

Bob tried to get a couple of maps there, but that part of the building was closed due to COVID. At least the road conditions in Texas improved. We arrived at our destination of Fernbrook RV Park at 2 PM.

It is a very nice park with well-groomed sites and lots of space between them.

We were given site #81 at the end of the row at the front of the park. We were able to leave the Jeep hooked up for the night. That saves some time in the morning. There was lots of shade for Auggie on the other side of the bus by the trees.

The temperature had risen to 95, so we hooked up the AC first. We all hung out inside until it started to cool down later in the afternoon. Auggie got the outside time that he wanted, but he got overheated very quickly so we brought him in. Then he proceeded to take a siesta. I took a walk before dinner to check out the pool. There was no shade and it was way too hot to take a swim.

We had dinner and took a walk around the campground when the sun started to set. There seems to be a lot of long-term campers here. You know you’re in Texas when you see this type of vehicle used to tow a trailer.

Notice the 5-point harness, the custom built shifter and gas tanks, and the rope and chains that tie it all together. Bob really wanted to hear it run! Tomorrow we continue to head north to Sunset, TX.

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