June 3, 2020 Pensacola, FL (Day 2)

The skies switched from sunny to cloudy and back again within minutes. We were hoping the weather wouldn’t cancel the Blue Angels practice today. Besides the COVID-19 issues and now the unrest in the country, we also have to keep a watch on Cristobal, the newest tropical storm to form in the Gulf. We are thankful that it is moving as slow as it is so it gives us time to get away from the Gulf and into Texas and then Colorado. Before we left the campground today, we prepped for rain by pulling in the awning and putting away our chairs. The radar was showing approaching storms. On our drive to the Naval Aviation Museum for the 11:30 Blue Angels practice session, the skies darkened, we saw lightning and heard thunder. So much for the practice! Bummer, but it wasn’t a total washout. We continued out to Perdido Key to the famous Florabama Bar.

The bar sits on the Florida/Alabama border and every April they have their annual Mullet Toss Beach Party. Thousands of people congregate for the mullet toss competition to see who can toss the mullet the farthest over the state line. This is a fund-raising event for the local youth charities.

The building is huge with 5 different bar areas on multiple levels, but with the Covid guidelines the bars cannot operate–only the restaurant can. So they built this huge outdoor venue under the tent to increase seating and spacing.

We had a little lunch and some beers while listening to some great music on stage. Inside, another singer was entertaining the patrons as well.

We took a walk out onto the boardwalk leading out to the beach when the rain stopped to view the ocean.

It was very calm after the storm passed.

We made a quick stop for gas before returning to the campground. The campground is full, but there was no one around all afternoon. I had some time, so with a little trepidation, I tried my convection oven for the first time. I wanted to bake some lemon poppy seed breakfast bread and it turned out pretty well. The oven will take a little getting used to, but the initial fear of starting the place on fire or burning the food is gone. I sat outside with Auggie and read a little as the clouds opened up to blue sky. We had a delicious dinner of lamb chops and asparagus on the grill. Then we took our evening walk to end the day.

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