June 29, 2020 Steamboat Springs, CO (Day 5)

After increasing my storage capacity in the blog and resizing my pictures to save space, I was able to get caught up on the last two days of my blog and add some pictures to the post that didn’t have any. That was a relief and I can’t thank Bob’s brother, Chris, for all his help. He was my savior. Thank you, Chris. We had a leisurely morning and Bob made us eggs for breakfast. We left for town around 10:30. Our first stop was to visit The Ski Fence House on 3rd and Pine. It was voted the Best Ski Fence in Town and at last count boasted 287 separate skies in an old school barrier. It peaked my interest, so I had to go see it.

We stopped at this corner and it was very confusing. Which way is the one way?

Then we parked the Jeep and walked around downtown on Lincoln Ave., the main street in town. We did some window shopping and bought a couple of items. Bob bought a t-shirt and I bought a Colorado Christmas ornament to add to my collection. We located the F. H. Light and Sons store, which is famous for his signage-similar to Wall Drugs. I mentioned those signs in a previous entry to my blog that we saw advertised for all those miles. According to what I read, they have 100 signs strewn about Northwest Colorado. The store was founded in 1905 and is in its fifth generation of family ownership and management.

This is Lightning, the town mascot, which was first placed in front of the store in 1949. Lightning has received historical designation from the city and gets rolled into the store every night out of the elements. It’s been replaced once and goes through two saddles per year from people sitting on it to have their picture taken.

This sign in the store is riddled with bullet holes and is an example of the signs they have placed throughout the state.

Bob looked really good in this cowboy hat.

Our next stop was Lyons Corner Drug Store known for it old-fashioned soda fountain.

I wanted a root beer float, but since they were out of root beer, I settled for an orange float. It wasn’t quite the same, but it was still tasty. It tasted like an orange creamsicle.

We walked by the Chief Plaza building. It was once an old theater, but is now being used as a church.

The front doors are really unique.

Outside the Marmot Store was a skier statue wearing a mask. This is a constant reminder that everyone must wear a mask when entering any business in town and they enforce it.

From there, we walked back to the Jeep and left downtown to stop at the Verizon Store, car wash, Safeway Grocery Store, and Ace Hardware. Our last stop was Rocky Mountain College to see where Bob’s niece, Chloe, will be attending school this fall.

From the top of the hill at the Academic Center, there was is such a great view of Steamboat Ski Hill.

View from the Academic Center at Rocky Mountain College

On the drive back, we saw a bald eagle floating on the air waves. So cool! Back at the campground, I worked on getting my blog up-to-date and we finally got a chance to wash the bus and get off all of the past 5 weeks of road dust and grime. We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon of this 75 degree day, with lots of sunshine and view of the mountains. This is our last day in Steamboat Springs. When you spend a chunk of time in one place, you get to know it pretty well. We really enjoyed our stay here! It was different than the Steamboat that I remember, but it was great to be back again. We are moving on to Dinosaur National Park tomorrow.

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