June 28, 2020 Steamboat Springs, Steamboat Lake, CO

We spent some time this morning working through the final issues with my blog by buying more storage capacity and resizing my pictures. Now all should be good….for awhile. We packed a lunch and took off for Steamboat Lake State Park about 30 miles from town. We followed the Elk River for miles.

The road took us through rolling hills of farmland with many large ranches and small clusters of homes sprinkled throughout the hills.

Hahn’s Peak came into view and was easily recognizable from the “bald” top.

We stopped at the Visitor’s Center for some local knowledge about fishing and a map.

It was suggested we try Meadow Point where the Ranger said the fish were really biting yesterday.

We parked and walked to the water’s edge when it started to sprinkle lightly. Bob got his poles all rigged up and dropped his line in the water.

I found a jar of salmon eggs that someone left behind so Bob tried that bait as well.

There were a few people on the lake today–boating, kayaking, paddle boarding, and fishing like the guy in this picture.

We ate our lunch down by the water’s edge and really enjoyed seeing this white pelican floating around the lake. It reminded us of home.

It continued to sprinkle off and on very lightly and then the sun peeked out for awhile. Speaking of peeking out, this little fellow kept peeking his head out of his hole to check us out. He seemed pretty brave. Bob put a bit of bread at the entrance to his hole to see is he would come out and eat it.

It was a beautiful setting with lots of unusual bird calls. This beautiful hawk was perched in a tree that caught our eye.

I think the weather might have scared off some people today because we had this end of the lake to ourselves.

A squall blew through. It rained and the wind blew and then it was gone. Bob gave up fishing while the squall blew through, but we drove over to the dam near Sage Flats. On the way there, we spotted the Dutch Hill Campground.

Bob read that the fishing was good at the dam there too. By then, the rain had moved off, but the skies were still cloudy. Bob fished near the dam for quite awhile and saw a husband and wife near him catch 2 fish. He was encouraged, but he wasn’t so lucky.

It was nice to be there surrounded by such beautiful scenery and the lovely sounds of the birds. On our drive back, a young mule deer crossed the road in front of us.

The yellow and blue wildflowers were in bloom everywhere.

We left around 2:00 to get back to the campground by 3:00. We needed to get back so Bob’s brother, Chris, could help us solve the problems with our website. His help has been immeasurable and we thank him so much. We couldn’t move forward without his help. Back at the campground, things were quiet, so we relaxed before dinner. It was a pleasant evening to take our walk. Tomorrow is our last day in Steamboat Springs, so we’ll spend some time walking around in town.

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  1. You’re quite the technology queen.
    People biking in mountains without panting??
    Oh to have a young body with good knees.

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