June 26, 2020 Steamboat Springs, CO (Day 2)

Note: There was an operator error in loading my pictures into the computer today, so I don’t have all the pictures, but there are enough posted for you to get the idea.

We both got to sleep in for a change. It was a bright, sunny morning and we made plans for the day. After Auggie got a nice, long walk, we headed out around 10:30. It was a short drive into Steamboat Springs and the ski hill was in view as we entered town.

After a quick stop at the post office, we drove up to Fish Creek Falls. We took Fish Creek Falls Dr. right near the Post Office for 4 miles to the parking lot. Fish Creek Falls is 283 ft. high with 1/4 mile walk to the base of the falls.

It’s a longer, more strenuous walk to the top of the falls and Long Lake, but we chose to pass on that today. We walked to the Falls Overlook first and had a full view of the falls.

From there, we walked the 1/4 mile down to the base of the falls. There was so much water flowing over the falls with such force. It was amazing! Standing on the bridge, the sound of the rushing water was deafening. I love waterfalls!

It was around 12:30 by then, so we drove along Yampa Road to find a safe place to grab some lunch with outside seating by the river. We found Sunpies!

It didn’t look like much on the outside, but it sat right on the river right across from Howelsen Hill. It had lots of outdoor seating by the river, so it was perfect! We enjoyed some frosty cold beers and a chicken tender basket. It was tasty and the beers hit the spot. From our table, we saw many tubers floating down the river. There was even a whole family enjoying the float tied together. They were having lots of fun! Eventually, a dad and his two sons came down to the river to enjoy the day and do some fly fishing. Sunpies Bistro is located right below the ski jump area on Howelsen Hill. We could see the jump from where we sat. From town, we could see the Alpine Slide which is “2400 feet of thrill on Howelsen Hill.” You ride a chairlift to the top of Howelsen Hill and using the sled provided, you slide down a 2,400 foot track through the bends and curves of the slide to the bottom of the hill.

We decided to do more exploring of the area tomorrow with an earlier start. We stopped to get gas for the Jeep so we would be ready for anything tomorrow. One last stop was at Walmart for some oven cleaner for the grill, paper towels, and a hummingbird feeder. There have been so many hummingbirds in the areas we’ve been in, so Bob wanted to buy a feeder and see if he could attract some of them. We’re hopeful!

Back at the campground, we enjoyed our view of Steamboat ski hill from our campsite with Auggie. The temp was 81 degrees with a light breeze and it was so pleasant sitting in the shade. Bob set up the bird feeder and we enjoyed the afternoon. We watched the dark storm clouds move over the mountains, but we didn’t expect any rain by us. We did see lightning flash and saw the storms move on. We had dinner and took our walk. We heard on the news that that COVID-19 has really flared up in Florida and that the bars were closed again. We are so glad to be here and out of the state during this time.

Note: I may not be posting any more entries until I get the issue with my pictures solved. Sorry. Stay tuned.

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  1. I miss accompanying photos on June 26.
    I’m all caught up on your adventures.
    Your views are beautiful. I hate being in a car in mountains though.

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