June 19 New Smyrna – Day 2

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there.  We got up around 7:30 on our own and heard the wind howling through the riggings. Overnight we heard it rain hard and the boat was bouncing in the slip.  Nicole had stopped by with beers and brownies last night after supper.  After visiting for awhile, Bob was pretty tired from driving all day, so Nicole and Randy went downtown to Flagler Blvd. at Flagler Beach to check out the bars and we went to bed. This morning we had to make a decision.  Do we stay or do we go?  The forecast was for very strong winds after the front moved through last night.  The rain chances had diminished and the skies were partly cloudy.  After walking the dog, checking the current conditions, and multiple weather sites, we decided it was best to stay put.  The waves were really rolling in to our slip and it would be very difficult to leave.

Tomorrow we’ll reassess the situation.  We hung around the boat doing odds and ends and trying to find out how to amuse ourselves for today.

 Randy got a call from Lauren and Rachel for Father’s Day and we made a call home to Dad.  The wind got stronger and was gusting to 20 mph from the northeast.  The wind was blowing right into the marina making whitecaps at times. 

Auggie found a quiet a place in the sun to take a snooze.  I think the rocking motion of the boat helped him fall asleep. 

From the back of our boat, we could see a few boats moving about on the ICW, but not many.  Around 1:00, we called Uber to take us down to Flagler Ave. and the beach. 

The wind was cranking at the beach and the waves were huge.

We didn’t realize that you could drive on Flagler Beach like Daytona Beach. 

We walked down the beach a ways and the water temp was 84 degrees.

There weren’t really a lot of people in the water, but there were a lot of people parked on the sand.  The beach was really wide.

After our walk on the beach, we stopped at Flagler Tavern.  Randy and Nicole had been to this bar the night before and said it was a fun place.  We had a beer there and listened to a singer.

From the bartender, we got some recommendations for other bars with music, so we were on our way.  Our next stop was OM-Bar Chill Lounge.  The music hadn’t started yet, so we didn’t stay. 

We walked across the street to Famous Philly’s. It was an old gas station converted into a bar and food service.  We met a fun couple from Orlando and chatted with them for awhile. 

There was a guitar player and another that played harmonica.  They were good!

We had a great time there and then we moved on to Traders.

In the back patio, they had a band called Rendezvous.  They were a reggae band with steel drums. 

We shared a table with 5 locals from town.  They were bar-hopping too.  We had a blast talking with them before they moved on.  It was getting to be dinner time, so we called Uber and a nice lady came to pick us up. 

Back at the boat, I walked Auggie.  Bob got a Father’s Day call from Anne and we hung out until dinner.  It was windy all day, but it never rained again after this morning.  The temp was 83 and a lot less humid.  We had dinner and settled in to watch the NBA playoffs.  Tomorrow we’ll assess the weather situation and decide whether to move on or not.  It was a fun day at Flagler Beach. 

We’ll have to come back again sometime and spend more time here.  The wind blew pretty steady all night long.  Even the birds hunkered down for the night.

The full moon came out and the clouds disappeared.  We will sleep good tonight!

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