June 19, 2022 Stillwater, OK Day 3

Today was our day to sleep in. We had nothing pressing to get up for. After all the time we spent outside in the heat yesterday, we needed the rest to replenish our energy supply. Bob cooked Sunday breakfast for us. On this trip, we haven’t been able to do many Sunday breakfasts because many Sundays we were moving to our next location, but today was different. What a nice treat! The high is expected to reach 92 today and with the 57% humidity level, we have a “feels like” temperature of 101 degrees. We are just now being affected by the humidity levels here in Oklahoma. Prior to this, we were lucky to be in arid areas without the effect of humidity. I guess we need to get accustomed to the effect of humidity again before we get home in two weeks. Bob wanted me to give him a haircut today, so we did that before it got too hot. We made a quick run to Walmart for some fresh vegetables and to check out which roads we will be able to safely use for our departure tomorrow. We passed over this river where we noticed this huge log jam. At some point, the water moved these logs down the river and created this log jam. It was massive!

Once we got back, we unloaded the Jeep of the items we would no longer need to keep handy in there, like hiking boots and hiking poles, and stored them away. Bob tried to vacuum and clean out the interior of the Jeep, but it was just too hot! Auggie was outside with Bob, but he didn’t seem to mind the heat as much. I worked on proofing the July Breezes from the publisher and started work on the August issue. We both basically stayed inside in the AC and took it easy. Another RV arrived and set up. Otherwise, there wasn’t much activity in the campground at all. We did hear some gunshots just up the road around dinnertime. That was a little unnerving. Bob grilled chicken for dinner and we made preparations for our departure tomorrow. We are moving on to Ozark, Arkansas for 2 nights. We will be camping on the Arkansas River.

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