June 17 St. Augustine – Day 4

It was another warm day.  The temp was expected to reach 98 –the warmest day yet.  We tidied up the boat and waited for Randy’s arrival.  His friend, Nicole, was picking him up at the Jacksonville airport and driving him down to St. Augustine.  Randy called from the road and said that he would be arriving around 11:30.  Auggie, Bob, and I walked up to the park area and kept a lookout for Ran and Nicole.  After they arrived, we all walked back to the boat and visited for awhile in the shade. 

There was a nice breeze blowing, so it didn’t feel like 98.  After lunch, we all took a walk into town so Randy could have a look around.  We walked down St. George St. where the pedestrian mall is located and stopped to check the shops that looked interesting.  We found a bar, Mi Casa, that had live music playing so we decided to stop in, have a beer, and listen to the music. 

We enjoyed listening to the live music in the courtyard. 

Around 4:00, we decided to go back to Nicole’s car and head off to the Kingfish Grill for dinner.  The restaurant was located in the Camache Cove Marina, a place we had stayed with our boat in the past. 

We had a great dinner and drove back to the boat.  Parking was a problem, so Nicole dropped Bob and I off.  We walked back to the boat to get Auggie fed and walked.  Ran and Nicole joined us after they parked the car.  We sat out back in the boat and enjoyed the evening as the sun went down and the temp cooled off a bit.  Ran and Nicole took a walk on the docks while Bob and I sat with Auggie out back.  Nicole headed back to Jacksonville about 8:30 and the rest of us watched some TV, then turned in early.  We had a long day tomorrow to head back to Daytona.

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