June 16 St. Augustine – Day 3

HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY, AUGGIE!  It’s been a fun 6 years.  We love you, Auggie doggie!

We did some indoor and outdoor cleaning of the boat in anticipation of my brother’s arrival  tomorrow.  After lunch, we arranged our first Uber ride to do some grocery shopping at Winn Dixie just 1.8 miles away.  We walked up to the office to wait and noticed the Black Raven Pirate Ship was leaving from the dock on a tour.  They were a rowdy group.

We’ve never used Uber before so we wanted to give it a try.  Normally, we would have walked  the distance, but not in this extreme heat.  It was easy enough to use.  Just place the call and give them the information.  They picked us up in less than 5 minutes.  You prepay by credit card or pay pal and the tip is included.  All in all, both there and back…it took about an hour for $12.  It was well worth the money.  After we got back, Bob relaxed a little because he had twisted his back a couple of days ago in working on the bilge pump switch.  I took a walk into town along Artillery St. 

The street was cobblestone and it took me past the Ximenen/Fatio House.  This was a 2 story coquina house built for use as a general store, tavern, and family residence.  It was later used as a boarding house. 

I came to Aviles Street where there were many quaint cafes.  It was a unique little alley-like street with a lot of personality. 

I walked through the Plaza la Constitucion to get to a very stately church from the outside.  It was Basilica Cathedral of St. Augustine.  Inside the cathedral was breathtaking!  The balcony had a beautiful mural painted on the ceiling overlooking the main floor.

The altar was gleaming with golden statues and pipe organs on both sides.

I sat there in silence and awe of the beautiful workmanship.  After leaving the Basilica, I walked down St. George St. to find a tank top that I saw yesterday at one of the shops. After leaving with my purchase, I began walking back to the boat.  The sky darkened, the winds blew, and it was time to hurry back.

 I made it back as the drops began to fall lightly.  It didn’t rain more heavily until later in the day before dinner.  We planned an indoor meal due to the weather,so Bob cooked chicken inside and Auggie got his special birthday meal.

After dinner, Auggie got his evening walk.   Bob and I took a walk ourselves in search of an ice cream store.  We stopped at Fudge Buckets and sat outside doing some people-watching while we ate our ice cream.  On our walk back through the Plaza, we took a moment to listen to a band that was playing in the square.  We listened for awhile and then headed back to the boat as the sun was setting.  

We took a detour on the way back to our dock to walk down the main pier to see the yacht that had pulled in this afternoon.  It was called Lady Kath from the Cayman Islands.  You can tell how big it was by the size of Bob standing next to it.  

This time, we made it back to the boat in time to watch a movie before calling it a night.  The skies cleared and it became a starry, moonlit night. 

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