June 16, 2020 Estes Park/RMNP, CO (Day 4)

Happy 10th birthday, Auggie. We love you to the moon and back. We’ll celebrate with your birthday dinner tonight. We had plans to enter the park today at 10 AM, but we had to wait for the fuse to arrive with our repairman this afternoon. Apparently, the fuse had to be ordered and it didn’t arrive when he thought it would. We want to be here to make sure everything goes alright and that the fuse fixes the problem. It was another beautiful day–sunny, but a bit windy, so we decided to go into town, look around, and wait for the call that the repairman would be on his way. Our next door neighbors, left early this morning as did other campers. The owner told us that they had a lot of cancellations for the season, so that’s why the campground seems emptier than usual. Auggie got an extra long morning walk for his birthday and Bob let him put his nose down every gopher hole that Auggie could find.

Bob tied him outside when they returned from their walk. Auggie found the nearest gopher hole and proceeded to dig.

He kept digging and digging, throwing dirt up into the air. He never gets to dig in my garden at home, so we let him go to town here. Hopefully, the gopher has another exit from which to escape. The hole ended up much bigger than when Auggie started. We eventually brought Auggie inside to cool off. He had worked up quite a sweat. A few seconds after Auggie came in, the gopher came out of his hole and was back to his business outside scurrying around. (We read that the little gophers that we see ALL over the place with hundreds of holes are actually pikas.)

Around 10:30, we took a drive into Estes Park. We parked in a free public parking lot and walked a block onto the main street. By now, it had warmed up to 75 degrees, but the sky became hazy. The weather forecasters said that might happen due to the wildfires in the area near Durango. It is very dry here and the fire danger is high. A few days ago, a wildfire started by lightning. Everyone is warned to be careful.

A river winds its way through town and at some points creates rapids. There is a lot of water flowing through there.

There is a cool water wheel near the bridge in town, but it wasn’t operating today.

Some of the shops are old, historic buildings with interesting architecture.

Most of the shoppers today wore masks which was very different from Saturday when we drove through town. There were also a lot fewer people out and about compared to the weekend and that’s why we chose to go today. Estes Park and Larimer County passed an ordinance that all shopkeepers must wear masks in order to be open and follow the safety protocols strictly. We saw that everywhere we went. We walked down one side of the street and up the other, but only through 1/2 of the town. We plan to do the other 1/2 another day. We checked out any shops that looked interesting and window-shopped the rest.

I found my souvenir Christmas ornament from RMNP and found another one to replace the one at home that got damaged. I collect ornaments from all the places we visit.

I also found a Rocky Mountain National Park t-shirt I liked. Every shop was having a big sale. Bob is still looking for just the right one. We stopped at Local’s Grill for a beer and a bite to eat.

Fried mozzarella sticks are one of my favorite snacks. They hit the spot.

Our last stop was a Safeway for a few grocery items. (Safeway requires all customers to wear masks.) We headed back to the bus around 1:00 to wait for the call from the repairman, Rick, to say when he was coming. The delivery of the fuse was delayed so he didn’t arrive until around 5:00 to install it. It took him 5 minutes. I was sitting outside with Auggie when he arrived.

I watched him install it with Bob and then waited. In a minute or two, the engine started and Bob was able to level the bus and put down the jacks. THE REPAIR WORKED! We both heaved a sigh of relief. It was a $17 part that left us totally disabled. Bob and Rick talked about how to keep this from happening again and then chatted about boats for awhile before he left. He was our lifesaver! We are good to go now! We had dinner and Auggie got his birthday dinner. On his birthday, he gets a can of dog food instead of his usual dry food. He chowed that down in no time! That’s his special treat.

After dinner, Auggie and I took our walk. I let him put his nose into all the gopher holes he wanted. He was born and bred to go down holes and burrows and it comes so naturally to him. I think if the hole was big enough, he’d crawl down into it. I’m always afraid that the gopher is sitting there in the hole waiting to nip him on the nose. I think he had a great 10th birthday! We relaxed with some TV and made reservations to get into the park for the next 4 days, since we had to change our plans for today. We don’t know if we’ll go into the park every day, but at least we have the option to do so if we want. As the sun was setting, I noticed that traffic was stopped on the road above our campsite. That usually means wildlife! I grabbed my camera and went up to the road. There on the other side stood a huge bull elk. He was gorgeous! I called Bob to come take a look.

The sun sets behind the mountains around 8:30 and tonight it lit up the clouds nearby.

Bob will sleep easy tonight, now that the bus is fixed and the problem is solved. Auggie and I will too.

3 thoughts on “June 16, 2020 Estes Park/RMNP, CO (Day 4)”

  1. Patti McBride

    I’m glad to hear your camper is fixed. Amazing such an inexpensive part can be so disabling. I love seeing your pictures and wish we were there! Enjoy the rest of your trip and continue being safe!

  2. Bev MacKenzie

    Happy Birthday Auggie! What a great way to spend it – all those gopher holes!
    The scenery is beautiful. All that water, and all those wildfires!

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