June 13, 2022 Albuquerque, NM Day 2

We really had no specific plans for today because Bob wanted to check out the engine first thing this morning. He did some diagnostics with the engine and with the Brake Buddy for the Jeep. After testing the Brake Buddy for a couple of hours, it works fine. After a couple of hours of checking different things on the engine, he decided we needed to take a test drive to put the engine under a load and see what happens. So we unhooked the water and electricity, prepped the bus for a short ride, and left the campground. We hopped on I-40 and headed for the mountains. The bus felt so much lighter without the Jeep behind it.

The next exit was about 7 miles away so that would be enough time to get the engine warmed up and under load as we climbed a little in elevation.

We exited the Interstate and discovered that the entrance ramp to get back on was closed due to construction. So, we followed the construction detour which took us along the old Route 66 frontage road.

We went a couple of miles and then got back on I-40 and took the exit for the campground.

We got back into our site and hooked everything back up. There was no burning smell and none of the dials showed any overheating, so I guess we’re good to go. Crisis averted! At the stoplight, we noticed some activity on an empty corner lot. Yesterday when we came past that corner looking for our campground, we noticed it was a homeless camp filled with about 8-10 people and all their stuff. We wondered if Albuquerque had a serious homeless problem. Today, as we went past that same corner, we noticed a garbage truck and a city truck there with uniformed men chasing out the homeless and cleaning up the area. The homeless people were gathering up their things and standing around watching what was happening. Who knows where they’ll go now?

We had lunch and decided to do a couple of errands. Our first stop was to pick up some oil for the jacks. After talking with a couple of service guys on the phone, Bob found out what the problem might be with our jacks collapsing and losing their pressure over time. The oil lubricant level was down in the reservoir and the technician thought there might be a air bubble in the line. The technician Bob spoke to on the phone about the power jacks suggested we add some anti-stiction fluid which happens to be specialized front fork oil for motorcycles which will get rid of the air in the system. We ended up going to a motorcycle shop, Motor Authority, that carried the lubricant we needed. The guy at the motorcycle shop thought that it was pretty funny to be adding motorcycle fork oil to a motorhome. Our second stop was to the self-service car wash. Boy, was the Jeep filthy! The third stop was to Walmart for a few needed items. Walking up to the door, we noticed 2 security cars parked in front. Walking inside, there was a policeman standing there as a Walmart greeter. That puts ones nerves a little on edge. What is going on? The entrance inside the store had gates, going only in, not out. There were two more private security guards standing inside the store. I went to get some make-up brushes and they were locked up. I had to ask the clerk to unlock them to purchase a pack for $1.29. Really? She put it into a locked case so I could pay for it at the main checkout. Bob went to pick up some beer. In the beer department, there was one way in and the same way out. He had to pay for it at the counter there and they tagged it with a special receipt. Hmmmm! Bob talked to the beer clerk and he told Bob that the store has had many “grab and run” incidents, hence the security. They were going to be locking up more items. It is an epidemic of sorts. Bob went to buy DEF for the bus and noticed that all the car batteries were locked up. Who is going to run out of the store with an 80-pound battery? Walking past the laundry detergent aisle, we noticed that all the Tide laundry detergent was locked up. Just the Tide. What’s up with that? We went to the main check-out with our $50-worth of high security items. The clerk had to go to the Service Counter to unlock my $1.29 make-up brushes from their case. The clerk there told us that just this morning a man tried to wheel out of the store a 5-foot high safe with security tags on it without paying for it. Honest to goodness! What is this world coming to? We got back to the campground and unloaded our few items. Bob had to put the floor back together where the above-engine access door is in the bedroom. Today’s forecast was for strong winds around 4:00 and just about that time they came. It looked like we might get some light showers too, but nothing came.

We hung out and watched all the campers arrive in the afternoon. It was 92 degrees with 12% humidity. It isn’t too bad to sit outside in the shade. We have found another place to get Pueblo Indian Tacos in Albuquerque. We made plans to go look around in Old Town tomorrow and search out the Indian Pueblo Kitchen for lunch. Looking forward to Indian fry bread tacos again!

2 thoughts on “June 13, 2022 Albuquerque, NM Day 2”

  1. Ryan ran into the same situation at a Wal-Mart near Charlotte N.C. The airline lost his luggage and he had a business meeting the following morning. He walked to the Wal-Mart about a mile away and found underwear and socks locked up!! Underwear and socks? Really? I guess every area has it favorite items to steal. Oye!
    I’m glad your engine issue wasn’t an issue after all. I’m enjoying your travels immensely. Enjoy your tacos! I’d love to have some local but it isn’t going to happen. Travel safe!!

    1. bshaw16872@aol.com

      It is weird in Walmart for sure. Bob remembers running over a black plastic to-go box on the highway just before we got off the highway and thought maybe that’s where the smell was coming from. Better to be safe than sorry checking things, I guess.

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