June 12 Cocoa – Day 3

It was another sunny, humid day.  We took care of some business and did a few chores.  We decided to take a walk over to Riverside Park with Auggie.

He enjoyed the walk along the river.

Many families were enjoying the splash pool. 

The park was beautiful with a paved walkway that encircled the perimeter of the park.  

From the water’s edge, we could see 2 more partially sunken boats in the harbor. 

As we returned to the marina, we saw the Indian River Queen pulling away from the dock for an afternoon river cruise.

We all returned to the boat to relax and cool off.  Auggie had it all figured out.

For dinner, we walked a few blocks to Norman’s Bar and Grill.  I was really looking forward to their Reuben sandwich.  We got about a block away, only to discover that Norman’s was closed on Sundays.  Bummer!

What to do now?  We decided pizza sounded good.  Can’t really do pizza on a boat, so we walked the few blocks into town to Ryan’s Pizza Pub.

We were both really hungry, so we ordered an 18″ Ryan’s specialty pizza.  OMG!  The pizza was huge and it had the biggest slices that I’ve ever seen.  Bob and I could only eat 2 slices each.  We brought the rest home for dinner tomorrow.  The sky told us some rain might be coming our way, so we checked the radar and saw some thunderstorms headed in our direction.  Once we got back to the boat, I grabbed Auggie and we did our evening walk as the sun was setting.  After our walk, we all relaxed and watched some TV. 

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