June 11, 2022 Questa, NM Day 5

Today is a catch-up, clean-up day. We have done our touring around this area and are going to spend the day doing some personal pampering, catching up on paperwork, working on the Breezes, making phone calls, and cleaning up the bus. I got caught up on some sleep first of all. I think it just caught up with me and I slept until 8:30. That’s unheard of! We washed the bus in stages when we had shade. It was 82 today and mostly cloudy. Without the humidity, it was very pleasant to be working outside. We aren’t going to be in any dusty areas from here on out, so we figured it was safe to wash it. I did some washing of towels and rugs, vacuuming, and dusting. It was all done at a leisurely pace, so no pressure. We watched the Belmont Stakes and cooked turkey for dinner. Auggie and I took our walk for the last time here in Questa to the trout pond and along the river. Tomorrow we leave for Albuquerque. Our drive will be 2/3 on backroads towards Taos and Espanola and 1/3 Interstate through Sante Fe to Albuquerque. We have enjoyed our time in this area and have seen many amazing things. Sorry there are no pictures today. I took a day off.

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