June 10 Vero Beach to Cocoa

We are on the move again.  We pulled up to the gas dock in Vero Beach at 8:40 and we fueled up, pumped out, and were on our way at 9:10.  It was another warm and muggy day with afternoon storms predicted…again.  I guess we’re officially into the rainy season. This stretch of ICW has many beautiful homes along the waterway.

Upon leaving the Vero Beach area, we were being followed by this boat and a US Navy blimp. 

Eventually, the blimp caught up to us and passed us.  It was joined by a yellow crop-dusting plane that was probably spraying for mosquitoes. 

We were then joined by 3 older guys on jet skis who were out for a nice morning cruise.  There was no breeze to speak of unless you were moving and the water was glassy calm. 

It was perfectly calm all day long with not a ripple on the water.

We saw a few more boats that were grounded along the shoreline.  We wondered if they were there from Tropical Storm Colin who moved through the area last Saturday.

Around Melbourne and north, we started to see crabpots scattered along the ICW and more boat traffic.  We had to keep a lookout for any crabpots that had strayed in the ICW channel.

As we went north, the temperature cooled off a bit and the high today would only be 84 degrees.   We arrived in Cocoa Village Marina at 12:30 and were tied up and secure by 1:00.

We had a great view of the ICW from our slip. The dockhands were very helpful in helping us dock and tie up the boat.

I think we finally made it out of the “storm belt” which seemed to be coming right across the state through Ft. Myers and Lake Okeechobee for the past few days.  We finally went  far enough north to be dry today.  We checked in at the marina office and got all the scoop about the town.  Tomorrow we’ll do some exploring.  The marina facilities are awesome.  The boater’s lounge was very comfortable with great laundry facilities.  The staff was very helpful and friendly. 

We both showered in the marina facilities and then I hung around to do some wash.  Bob came back to the boat and put up the canvas in case it rained.  I hung out in the boater’s lounge with my tablet waiting for my wash to finish.  At 5:00 it was done and I returned to the boat.  We had cocktails before dinner and then Bob cooked chicken on the grill. We talked about spending an extra day here in Cocoa since we had never been here before and want to see it all.  The evening cooled off nicely as we walked Auggie on the marina grounds. We watched the sunset and then relaxed with some TV.  We never had any rain today. 

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