June 1 Palm Island Marina

As some of you “blog followers” may know, we were having some technical difficulties with our blog yesterday.  We’re always on a learning curve, but we worked with the webmaster last night to get some of the kinks worked out.  It took longer than expected and we had to continue working on it this morning.  After checking the weather and taking into consideration that we needed to have good Internet service to clear up the remaining blog issues, we decided to spend one more day in the marina in order to get everything finished up and working again.  Our webmaster is an amazing man who gave us a prompt response and one-on-one attention until the kinks were worked out.  We couldn’t have done it without him!  We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing at the pool on a warm, breezy day.  Bob made us a great dinner tonight.  He prepared bourbon glazed salmon, with terriaki rice and steamed broccoli.  We had my apple dumplings (Bob’s mother’s recipe) for dessert.  Who said you can’t eat well on a boat?

Tomorrow we plan to move on to one of my favorite anchorages, Cayo Costa Island State Park, and visit Cabbage Key.

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