June 1, 2020 Panama City Beach, FL (Day 3)

Happy June 1! I thought it would never get here. Bob got up early, wanting to wash the bugs off the front of the bus before it got too hot. We made plans to make a run to Walmart for a few things and to pick up a prescription refill. Walmart was crazy with no one wearing masks except for a couple of older people, the employees, and us. We got in and out as fast as we could. Looking around at people, they acted as if the Coronavirus was never here. We had to look up the statistics on the CDC website and see how many cases they’ve had in this area. That would be the only thing to account for their irresponsible behavior. We discovered that this county has 97 cases with fewer than 20 deaths. No wonder! Still, that’s no reason to take it lightly. When we got back to the campground, many campers had moved on and the campground was very empty.

We did some online business and made some phone calls . I gave Bob a much needed haircut and we went down to the pool for a swim before dinner. We had the pool all to ourselves.

Once the sun started to go down, it cooled off nicely, so I sat outside and read a little with Auggie after his walk. Then we called it a day and went in for the night. We leave for Pensacola tomorrow for 2 nights.

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