July 9, 2021 Pickerington, OH Day 3

It was another cloudy day here in Pickerington. At least it wasn’t raining. Bob wanted to wash the windshield and front of the bus to get the bugs off. Auggie got his morning walk and we did some business on the phone. We took this opportunity to do some camper cleaning of the inside of the bus in the afternoon. We made plans to check out Buckeye Lake with Dee and Bob, so they came to pick us up at 3:30. By then the sun was out and skies were clearing up. Our first stop was to Papa Boo’s, a restaurant/bar which sits right on the lake.

We were able to watch the lake action while enjoying an adult beverage.

Around 4:30, we took the drive to Lancaster, about a 30 minute drive from here. We had dinner at Cherry Street Pub in Lancaster.

The restaurant had a nostalgic look on the inside. The food was good and we got out of there in plenty of time for the evening’s main event.

Tonight, a Beatles tribute band, the British Invasion, was playing at the outdoor venue in Lancaster. Dee and Bob had seen this group before and told us about them. As luck would have it, they happened to be playing in the area while we are here. They close off the street and people bring their lawn chairs to listen to the band and watch the show. The free concert began at 7 PM.

The first set were the old classics by the Beatles, with a few songs thrown in by the Rolling Stones. I could remember most of the words and many people sang along. It was fun to see people older than myself singing along with the band. The band sang great harmonies and were very talented musicians.

The bass player looked and sounded like Paul McCartney. The blonde was the lead singer and had a super voice. Two of the musicians have their own groups outside of the British Invasion.

The second set was from the Sergeant Pepper period…costumes and all. They did a really good job of entertaining the audience. People were dancing in the streets! What a wonderful place to spend a summer evening listening to great music!

The concert ended a little after 9:00 after they played a few extra song requests. We then headed back to the campground. Bob and Dee were kind enough to drive around today, so that Bob wouldn’t be too tired for tomorrow’s drive. We leave tomorrow for Elkhart, IN to visit the RV Museum Mark and Jan Krueger told us about. There is no direct route to get there, but at least we will be on the interstates all the way. Thanks to Dee and Bob for showing us a great time and for being such good friends. We will miss you guys! Come and visit us in Florida!

4 thoughts on “July 9, 2021 Pickerington, OH Day 3”

  1. Deidre A Miller

    Thanks Cindy and Bob for visiting us. We had a great time, just like old times. You are welcome here any time.

  2. I think I saw British Invasion years ago. Or another “Beatles” group that had the same two acts. Love that music!! & Herman’s Hermits!!

    1. bshaw16872@aol.com

      There were so many people our age or older singing along. I remembered so many of the words. Many of our generation love the Beatles, etc.

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