July 9, 2019 Brunswick, GA to Savannah, GA


Bob was so great!  He let me sleep in until 8 AM.  We had nowhere to be early this morning, so it was a chance for me to catch up on some lost sleep.  We had a leisurely breakfast and decided to leave around 10:30 because we couldn't check in at our campground until noon or later.  Auggie took his usual spot in the backseat and proceeded to enjoy his morning nap.

Our drive today was only 86 miles, but we had to make a stop at Camping World in order to make a return.  We could have made the return by mail, (but it would have cost a fortune) or drive to Tampa, but we figured out this Camping World was on our way, so this would be easiest or cheapest.  The morning started out at 86 degrees, but would soon climb into the 90's.  The drive took us through more salt marshes and over the Brunswick River.

The tide was really low and a lot of river bottom was exposed everywhere.  This boat passed us on the highway–twice.  The first time he came uncomfortably close to us, but the second time, he gave us a wide berth, straddling two lanes.  We'd love to be able to transport our boat via highway to Chesapeake Bay for the summer, but it's too wide and too tall.

We saw these signs on all the bridges that we crossed.  We haven't seen these kinds of signs for many years since we left Wisconsin and we joked about what they meant. 

We arrived at Camping World around noon, made the quick return, and were on our way in 20 minutes.  Auggie and I waited outside in the shade of the trees so he could stretch his legs a little.  We stopped for gas yesterday right near our campground, where gas is as cheap as $2.39/gal. so we didn't need to fill up today.(With our Good Sam's camping card, we get an additional 5 cents off a gallon at the Flying J or Pilot gas stations.)  Our campground today is the Red Gate RV Park just outside of Savannah.

We arrived at the campground at 12:45 and checked in.

We were assigned site #18 and set up camp for 2 nights.  

Today, we unhooked the truck to be able to drive into Savannah tomorrow.  As we unpacked the truck and set up camp, we noticed a familiar looking bus and car in site #17.  

It was our neighbors, Neal and Lynelle, from back in Palmetto.  What are the chances that we'd run into them in Savannah? They told us that after reading our blog posting yesterday, they saw that we were coming to Savannah and asked the Office if we had a reservation here.  When the Office confirmed that we did, Neal and Lynelle were told that we would be in the campsite across the road from them.  They were waiting for our arrival.  We sat in the trailer in the AC to cool off a bit after everything was set up and then made our way to the pool.

The water felt wonderful and we sat under the shady canopy for a couple of hours.  We had to pool all to ourselves.

Across from the pool were the horse stables and the goat pen.  They have a petting zoo here, horseback riding, and carriage rides.

The campground is set on many beautiful acres that contains 5 ponds, a beach, horse paddock, and a fishing pier.

These are the unique restrooms with flush toilets.

Once we got back to the campsite, we visited with Neal and Lynelle to see where they are headed on the next portion of their trip.  We took a tour of their bus and they took a tour of our trailer.  They are heading up the coast tomorrow to Charlotte and we'll spend another day in Savannah.  We stayed out of the heat for the rest of the afternoon and cooked pork chops on the grill.  As the sun began to set, the temps cooled off a bit and we took our evening walk.  The campground filled up throughout the day.   The sun went down and we relaxed with some TV.  Tomorrow we'll spend the day walking around Savannah on River St. down at the waterfront along the Savannah River.










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