July 8, 2021 Pickerington, OH Day 2

Bob and I slept in (a little) and had breakfast. Bob wanted to remove a screw from the Jeep’s front tire that Nick brought to our attention in North Carolina. We’ll monitor that tire to see if it continues to hold air. If not, we’ll get AAA to change out the tire for us. Last night, we had some heavy rain and this morning the skies were cloudy. Scattered showers happened throughout the day and the high temp rose to 84. It was very humid outside and the weatherman called it “soupy”. That says it in a nutshell. Auggie got his morning walk before any showers arrived. We spent the morning taking care of some business and doing laundry. We thought this would be a good opportunity after being on the road for a week. (Seems like we’ve been gone a lot longer than that.) It worked out well since we had showers off and on all morning and into the afternoon. There were times when the sun popped out, but then another shower would arrive. Dee and Bob drove over to the campground around 3 to get a tour of the bus. By then the showers had stopped. We hung out for awhile and then drove back to eat dinner at Cardos Pizza near their house. Dee and I drove back to their house to drop Auggie off and then we drove over to meet the guys at the restaurant. We had a delicious pizza and some beverages for an early dinner.

After dinner, we drove back to their house to play some cards. We have missed playing cards since the Millers moved away, so it was fun to play cards with them again. Just like old times.

Later, Dee and I took Auggie for his evening walk around their neighborhood. Bob and I returned to the campground around 8:30 after an enjoyable evening. We have one more day in Pickerington before moving on. It’s been great to spend time with the Millers!

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