July 8, 2019 Palmetto to Brunswick, GA


 We loaded up the trailer yesterday,  prepared the house and boats for hurricane season over the past 3 weeks, and pulled out around 9:00 for our trip out East.

 The weather has been extremely hot in Florida with temps in the 90's for the last two weeks.  The rains have been intermittent and not our usual weather pattern of a shower every afternoon, so things have been dry.  We look forward to some cooler temps once we leave the coast and travel near the mountains.   Auggie took his usual place in the backseat with a newly acquired dog harness/seatbelt.

 We don't want him flying around the back seat in case of an emergency.  We left home this morning during a break in the rain, but ran into light rainshowers near Tampa.  Some offshore racing boats passed us on the highway.  They were the boats that had raced yesterday for the Suncoast Offshore Racing Competition at Lido Beach in Sarasota.  We passed this one on the side of the highway.

Traffic was heavy most of the way via I-75, but lightened up once we turned off on SR 301 just outside of Gainesville.  We crossed the stateline from Florida to Georgia after a nice ride on SR 301 and jumped on I-95 for the rest of the drive.

Our first view of Georgia, once crossing the state line, was of the salt marshes that extend for miles.  We first experienced them when we took our boat from home to Baltimore a few years ago.  It is a pretty desolate area, by boat or by land.  

Our trip today took us 304 miles (6 hours) after a short rest stop at a wayside near Gainesville.  Our destination is the Coastal Georgia RV Resort, one of our favorite places to stop on our way to the Northeast.

 It's just an overnight stop, but we arrived early enough to enjoy a dip in the pool.  The campground was pretty full, but the pool was not busy for such a hot day.

 We checked in and found site #410 with ease. The temp outside was 97, so we were anxious to get the AC going. We set up in no time, since we were staying hooked up to the truck for just an overnight stay. That made things quick and easy. We hung out in the trailer while the AC cooled it off and reorganized a few things while we waited. We ate a later dinner of steaks on the grill and waited for the sun to go down to take Auggie for his evening walk. Our drive tomorrow will be shorter to Savannah. We are planning to spend two nights there in order to take in some of the the sights downtown.








4 thoughts on “July 8, 2019 Palmetto to Brunswick, GA”

  1. Artimovich, Lana

    Hi, Cindy,

    • Thx for including me in your latest  adventure.  I always enjoy your pictures and commentary.

    • Enjoy your summer vaca!
  2. Beautiful  boat ride and late dinner on prior lake in Minnesota  75 balmy degrees  need to come up a little higher to cool off!

  3. McBride, Mike and Patti

    We had some really hot temps for camping last week, it was mid 90's here as well and humid. The forecast is for mid to upper 80's but it does cool down into the 60's at night. Hopefully the cooler temps will stick around for you. Travel safe and enjoy!

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