July 5, 2021 Newland, NC – Day 3

We got up around 8:00 and had breakfast. Around 10:30, we hopped in the car and Nancy and Nick took us 2 miles down the road to show us the progress they’ve made on their additonal 11 acres of forest land that they bought. So far, they have carved a road into the property in order to create access to the land for hunting. Nancy calls it “Nick’s playground” where he can go to mess around in the woods which he loves. After looking around for awhile, we left there and drove a few miles into Newland for some groceries. They gave us a quick tour of the town that is the closest to their home. Back at the house, we relaxed a little before having some brats for lunch. Auggie is going to miss his time in the woods to roam freely at their house. He loved to sit on the deck and watch for squirrels or gophers to come close so he could chase them.

After packing up, we said our goodbyes and left around 1:30. We got one last look at the lake in their community before we drove the hour back to the campground.

Once we got back, we opened up the motorhome and finished hooking up the sewer and water. We had been following the Weather Channel the last few days, closely monitoring the movement of Tropical Storm Elsa to see how close it would come to Palmetto. The house is secure, but the wind and water can still cause problems. Hopefully, it will move by quickly and not leave too much damage in its path. We had a light dinner and relaxed with a little TV before taking our evening walk with Auggie. He was wiped-out after his visit with Peanut and had slept most of the afternoon when we returned.

Tomorrow we head to Romance, WV for an overnight stay and then to Ohio to spend a few days with our friends, Bob and Dee, in Pickerington. Thanks to Nancy and Nick for their hospitality and for showing us a great time. Good friends are a blessing!

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