July 5, 2020 Manila, UT (Day 4) Flaming Gorge

It was a beautiful sunshiny morning. We packed some snacks and our gear for the beach. We left at 1:00 and drove the 4 scenic miles to the Swim Beach at Flaming Gorge.

When we arrived, the beach was pretty empty–just a couple of family groups.

We pulled right down to the beach and unloaded our chairs and beach umbrella.

The view was beautiful across the lake.

This is the only area on this side of the lake that is marked with buoys and set aside for swimming.

As the afternoon wore on, more and more groups of people arrived to go for a swim and enjoy the day. The water was not too cold, but it took some getting used to.

It was a busy place with lots of boat traffic and water sports of all kinds.

Around 2:30, the afternoon winds picked up a little and almost blew our umbrella away, so we decided it was time to go. Back at the campground, the pool was empty of people, so I went for a swim.

I had the pool all to myself and the water was so refreshing. Bob hung back at our campsite with Auggie. While we were gone this afternoon, the campground emptied out after the weekend. It was very quiet and peaceful. We watched some TV outside before dinner and relaxed. Camping is all about learning to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Tomorrow we have a long drive to Glenwood Springs, CO. It is a drive of 350 miles, so we’ll make sure to get an early start.

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