July 4, 2020 Manila, UT (Day 3) Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July to everyone! It isn’t the same without the festivities and fireworks, but it will be better next year! Bob woke up at 8:00 and I woke up at 8:30. We both slept in and it felt good. Bob worked on cleaning out the inside of the Jeep from all the dust we’ve collected over the past 6 weeks. I baked my muffins and did the laundry. We watched the Independence Day movie while we worked in the motorhome. We did a little housecleaning and then sat outside for the afternoon. The campground was pretty empty. People were out and about doing whatever they do on the 4th of July. We got a little sunshower, but it didn’t last very long. The weather was perfect with partly cloudy skies, 80 degree temp. and a breeze.

Bob cooked burgers on the grill for our traditional 4th of July meal.

We enjoyed our day of chillin’ at the campground. The campground has banned fireworks due to the fire danger and danger in close quarters of people shooting off their own. Surprisingly, around 10 PM, someone in the town nearby lit off a few huge ones. It didn’t last long, but it was still great to see. That’s what I missed the most on this 4th of July 2020. Tomorrow we plan on going to the beach at Flaming Gorge. It should be a nice way to end our stay here.

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