July 31, 2021 Bailey’s Harbor, WI Day 6

It was a chilly 65 when we woke up, but it warmed up quickly with the sun. We had a leisurely morning with eggs and toast for breakfast. We took care of some business and did a couple loads of wash. Around 11:00, we decided to take a drive to check out the campground our camping neighbors had told us about. Driving through Bailey’s Harbor was crazy busy with people having lunch and shopping. This is a new brewery in town that was doing great business.

The Blue Ox wasn’t too busy yet, but I’m sure it will be later.

It was a short distance to Aqualand Campground, about 10 minutes from our campground on Highway Q. We found it easily and looked around. It seemed to be mostly long term campers, but it was very nice.

From there, we took the drive farther down Highway Q to Gordon Lodge. We saw billboards advertising it and wanted to check it out. We thought we might have been here before, but we were confusing it with Glidden Lodge, near Sturgeon Bay.

Gordon Lodge looked like an upscale place located directly on Lake Michigan. It had a large event venue and it looked like they were setting up for a large party or wedding.

We got a good look at the lake from this vantage point in the bay.

From there, we drove to Kangaroo Lake on Highway E. It is a shallow 6′ lake with lots of nice homes and cottages around it. We first drove up the east side to the middle section of the lake where the boat launch was located. From here, we could see a good portion of the lake.

Then we drove to the north side of the lake where Highway E cuts through and over a portion of the lake.

We came upon another place we used to frequent–The Coyote Roadhouse.

It is a rustic type of place with lots of nice seating outside by the lake.

We had to take a seat at the bar since the outside seating was all taken. I had a cherry margarita because I saw it advertised on the door of the bar when I walked in. It sounded like something I should try. It was very good.

Bob had a Hamm’s beer–from the “Land of Sky Blue Waters”. We haven’t seen a Hamm’s beer in ages. That bear looked very familiar.

We finished our drinks and drove back to Bailey’s Harbor, stopping for gas at the only gas station in town. It was $2.99/gal., so it was a busy place. Back at the campground, we started to put things away for our departure tomorrow. They were calling for possible rain later, so we wanted to take up our outdoor rug and put away other things that might get wet. I did some cleaning inside, so I wouldn’t have to do it in the morning. We wanted to leave early because we had a long drive ahead of us. While we were enjoying cocktails outside before dinner, our neighbor came over. He has the same brand of bus, but his is a 2008 Discovery, and we talked about where in Florida we both lived. He is interested in settling down and not doing full-time RVing any more. We spoke about Tropic Isles and he may be interested in looking at our park. Their names are Pat and Linda Riley. We’ll look for their names on any information that comes through the realty office. They seem like very nice people and would be a good addition to the community. Later, Bob and I had dinner and took our evening walk. As we were taking our walk, the Beantown Train came by with some empty seats. I dared Bob to go for a ride and he asked the guy if he could. When he said yes, Bob got in. I couldn’t let Bob go without me, so Auggie and I jumped into the last car and we had the ride of our lives. I laughed so hard as we went over the bumps and flew up out of our seats. Auggie didn’t seem to mind it at all. It was so much fun! People in the campground waved at us as we went by. Later on, Bob and I noticed that the Beantown Train came by with all adults in it. I guess others thought it looked like fun and wanted to give it a try!

The skies were darkening so there may be a pop-up shower that appears yet this evening. This is our last night in Door County and the farthest north that we are traveling. From here, we are heading south towards home. I will miss Door County and Wisconsin. We have had spent some wonderful years here and created many great memories from our years here as boaters and campers. I will cherish them always.

6 thoughts on “July 31, 2021 Bailey’s Harbor, WI Day 6”

  1. I enjoyed your time in Door County as much was familiar to me. Like Bob, I would not climb 97 steps. Have a safe trip home.

  2. Maryann+Schaefer

    Loved “traveling” with you throughout Door County. We haven’t been back there since we sold our timeshare at The Rushes on Kangaroo Lake and needless to say we’ll probably not be able to go back again. Everything looked the same, and yet different, as we too saw many of our favorite places. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful pictures and very interesting commentary. Until we meet again. Love, Maryann & Jim

    1. bshaw16872@aol.com

      We tried to find where you guys owned on Kangaroo Lake, but couldn’t remember it was in the Rushes. I was happy to see that much of the Door Co. I remember was still there. It was very nostalgic for me. Glad you enjoyed the “journey” with us.

  3. Unless it is a wide lighthouse, I would not be able to climb; not bc of the height, but too claustrophobic! I had heart palpitations just thinking about it!

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