July 31, 2020 Durango, CO (Day 3)

Today was just a “chill day”. We had some online business to attend to before the weekend, so we worked on that in the morning. We have been putting off buying a printer for the bus, since we don’t need it very often, but it would come in handy at times, including now. We did some research about printers online and decided we need to buy one while we’re here. We made a quick run back to Walmart for a printer. The stock on the shelves was very low, but we found a printer that will serve our needs. We made one last stop at the nearest dispensary, DO Durango Organics, to check it out for some friends.

Business was brisk and only 2 people were allowed in the store at one time.

Around 2:00, we got a brief shower from a dark cloud and then the sun returned. A few more clouds dropped some rain, but it didn’t last long. Bob set up the printer and got our documents printed. We actually had an empty cabinet to store the printer in. Auggie got a trim and I got my toes painted. We sat outside in between the rain showers and watched some TV before dinner. It was nice to take some “down time” after all the things we’ve been doing lately. We needed a day just to do nothing. We’ve been rejuvenated and are now ready to go again.

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