July 29, 2018 Palmetto to Tallahassee, FL

We got off to a great start for our Wisconsin/East Coast vacation at 9:30 on a beautiful day.  
Auggie settled in for his comfortable backseat ride.  He’s got the life!
Are we there yet? Aarf!
Traffic was heavy going north on I-75 for our drive of 304 miles today.  It thinned out once we turned west on I-10 and the terrain became more varied.  The temperature kept rising, reaching a high of 95 degrees, and the afternoon heat produced rain clouds all around the area, but no rain fell on us.  We arrived at our campground, Tallahassee RV Park, at 3:00 after an uneventful drive.  Once we pulled in, we realized that we had been here before on another trip.  
We took a pull-through site and stayed connected to the truck to make it easier to leave tomorrow.  We set up camp and settled in for our first night on the road.
Campsite 5
It would take a few days to arrange the closets, drawers, and cabinets for easy, efficient use of all the items we brought along, but we had lots of time to do that.  Bob took Auggie for a walk along the shady drive so he could check out his new territory….and the squirrels!  
The storms finally moved in and we got a little rain before dinner.  Later, Bob grilled us a nice steak for dinner and we relaxed with a little TV.   Auggie got his evening walk after the temps cooled down and we all got a good night’s rest to be ready for day #2.  Next stop, Pelham, Alabama.

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  1. That is a massive trailer. Good living for A,B,C!

    Perfect weather up north WI! Had a family reunion yesterday.

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