July 28, 2019 Greenville to Millinocket, ME


Last night around 11:00 after watching a movie, I went outside to check the sky for stars.  It was pitch black so I used a flashlight to find my way to an open area where I could see the sky.  As I looked up, a shooting star flew by. Awesome!  I waited for more, but some clouds moved in and all I could see was the North Star almost directly above me, so I went to bed.  It was an easy drive today of 89 miles and half of it was on the interstate.  It was another beautiful day in Maine–79 degrees and sunny, but humid.  We left the campground around 10:00 after emptying our holding tanks at the Dump Station.  We passed through a few small towns and over the PIscataguis and Penobscot Rivers on Highway 6/15.

Outside of one town, we saw people tending to a large field of marijuana plants.   We also saw a very long covered bridge that came up too quickly, so I didn't get a picture of it.  Traffic was light on this Sunday on the secondary roads.  The speed limit on the interstate was 75 mph,,,even though we still only did our customary 58-60 mph.

We saw a couple of electric signs on I-95 that were done by someone with a sense of  humor.  One said–"Be a thinka. Use your blinka!"  Cute!  We pulled into the Rest Area around 12:00 just before our exit on I-95 to eat our lunch, stretch our legs, and kill a little time.  It was too early to check into our campground.  After about a 1/2 hour at the Rest Area, we continued on to the campground. Our campground, Wilderness Edge, is just outside of the town of Millinocket, about 60 miles from the western Canadian border.  This is as far north as we are planning to go.

We are also 8 miles from Baxter State Park.  That is one of the places we want to explore while we're here. We pulled into the campground about 1:00 and checked in.

We were assigned pull-through site # 21 at the top of the hill.

It was a little tricky to get into, but it's a spacious site, so we made it work.

We will be here for 5 days and the weather is forecast to be 90 degrees on Tuesday with possible rain on Wednesday, so we'll have to plan our park visit and hiking accordingly.  We got all set up and turned on the AC to cool off.  We heard thunder in the distance later in the afternoon, so we thought we might get a little rain shower today.  The shower came about 2:30 and it didn't last long.  We relaxed for the rest of the afternoon and made our plans for the days to come.  Dinner was an indoor meal because of the rain.  We took our evening walk as we usually do to check out the campground.  Arriving on a Sunday is nice because the weekend campers have all gone home and we get the place to ourselves.  This campground also has a pool, so we'll probably have to check it out on the upcoming hot days.  








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