July 26, 2021 Egg Harbor to Bailey’s Harbor, WI

Today is moving day! We are moving to another campground on the other side of the peninsula and 1/2 mile from Lake Michigan. It is the “quieter” side of Door County with fewer tourists and tourist attractions. We got packed up and left at 11:15. I followed Bob in the Jeep.

We drove the short 7.5 miles to Beantown Campground.

We arrived at 11:30 and were escorted to site #99.

We quickly plugged in and got the AC going. It was a steamy 86 degrees. I did one load of laundry before we left Egg Harbor and had 2 more to do, so I got that going as soon as we were hooked up to water. During the heat of the afternoon, we also took the opportunity to do some cleaning–dusting, vacuuming and mopping the floor. Yes, even a motorhome needs some “house” cleaning after being on the road for 25 days. After finishing the laundry, I walked up to the pool for a little swim. Bob worked on some Co-op business while I was gone.

The water was refreshing and I had the pool pretty much to myself. The smoke from those wildfires moved in and clouded up the skies later in the afternoon, so I returned to the bus. We heard thunder in the distance and severe storms on the radar were threatening, but the storms moved to the south and all we got was a very light rain for just a few minutes. The sun came out right before dinner and we were able to take our evening walk around the campground. The campground is not full tonight which is not unusual during the weekdays. This is the first time we have stayed at this campground. They have very nice bathroom and shower facilities, a great pool, and lots of stuff for the kids to do. We will enjoy our 6 days here.

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