July 25, 2021 Egg Harbor, WI Day 4

We did our usual Sunday routine–read the paper and had Sunday breakfast. It was a bright sunny day with a temp of 72 degrees. Bob did some Co-op business and we made plans for the day. Today would be a day of marinas and beaches in Ephraim and Sister Bay. Traveling through Fish Creek today, there was a noticeable difference in the amount of traffic and tourists in town. After all, it was Sunday and people were heading home.

Coming down the hill into Ephraim, we could see the bay.

From across the Bay, we could see the town.

The Water Street Inn was still standing as beautiful as ever.

I love this old building used by the volunteer fire department and housing the museum.

One of my favorite places in all of Door County is Wilson’s.

It is a well-known landmark and a place everyone loves to come to experience an old-fashioned ice cream parlor. I had my favorite–a root beer float.

A few new condo buildings were added on Water St. in Ephraim.

Coming down the hill into Sister Bay, traffic was somewhat backed up.

The Sister Bay Bowl got a nice facelift with new siding on the outside.

Coming into town, we saw the old familiar Al Johnson’s Restaurant with its grass-covered roofs. There were no goats grazing on the roofs today.

Al Johnson’s added a new outside seating area–The Stabbur. They had a place to order food and seating at a bar.

Farther down the road, we saw 2 familiar places we frequented back in the day–La Puerta and JJ’s Restaurant. It’s good to see they were still there.

We visited the Yacht Works Marina on the north side of Sister Bay. We kept our 39′ Sea Ray there for one year and also stored there for the winter. The Ship’s Store was closed today, but we walked on the docks instead.

There were some interesting boats there too.

Out on the bay, there was some boat action on this gorgeous day. People were parasailing and renting pontoon boats to use on the bay.

We sat on a bench near Al Johnson’s Marina and watched 2 tour boats depart from the City Marina.

We took a walk through the park along the beach where many people were enjoying the sand, sun, and water.

The teens had a gathering place out at the end of the pier and on the raft.

The water was petty calm today and it made me wish I was on the water too.

As we headed back towards Egg Harbor, we saw this humongous complex that was added since we were here last.

The old boathouse and art studio still stands in Ephraim Harbor where people have been allowed to autograph the outside of the building.

Zooming in with my camera, I could see the many boats anchored in Nicolet Bay where Bob and I loved to go and anchor out overnight in our boat. It was just a short boat ride from Fish Creek.

The public beach in Ephraim was a busy place for beachgoers and boaters.

The water was a very comfortable 74 degrees. It was probably a little chilly for some of us, but warm by Green Bay standards. We enjoyed our visit to the marinas and beaches from our past and headed back to the campground by 2:30. Our campsite is private and shady and we find it very comfortable to sit outside there. We enjoyed cocktails outside with Auggie and this chipmunk who decided to crawl around on the Jeep. Auggie never saw him.

We had our leftover perch fry for dinner and Auggie and I took our walk. Sunday is a big “exit day” for campers and we watched many of them heading down the highway today. Tomorrow we would be leaving for the other side of the peninsula for 6 days. The east side is a little quieter and less inhabited. From that side of Door County we will do more exploring.

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