July 24, 2021 Egg Harbor, WI Day 3

Happy 39th anniversary to us! My, how the time flies by. The rain started around 4 AM and we stayed in bed listening to it rain on the roof until 8:00. Once we got up and had breakfast, Bob took Auggie for a walk when he thought the rain was done, but got caught in the rain on his way back. We waited for the skies to clear and the sun to come out before taking the short drive into Fish Creek. We descended the hill and waited our turn to get into town. Saturday is a busy day.

Our first stop was at the Town Dock.

Since today was our anniversary, we wanted to commemorate the place where we spent our honeymoon. On July 25, 1982, we left McKinley Marina in Milwaukee in a 24′ SeaRay headed for Fish Creek to spend our honeymoon on a boat. This is the dock we stayed on. A kind gentleman took our picture there.

I remember the Dockmaster telling us that he would give us our privacy and not bother us since we were on our honeymoon. How sweet!

This is us the morning after our wedding. We were getting ready to leave McKinley Marina in Milwaukee for our honeymoon.

The boat belonged to Bob’s best man at our wedding and his boss. It was his wedding gift to us. What a wedding present that was! Bob and I stood there and reminisced about the week we spent in Fish Creek on the boat. We walked from there over to the Alibi Dock which is adjacent to the City Dock.

Alibi Dock is where we kept our boat for 8 years. It was like our second home and my summer home for a few years when I stayed on the boat. In the summer, Bob went back and forth to Madison to work during the week. He would join me on the boat on Thursdays and leave early for work on Mondays. It was a special time and I was so lucky to have my summer off from teaching to be able to do that. We walked up and down the docks looking for familiar boats.

They raised the height of the breakwater since we’ve been there.

We saw a few boats that we remembered. Those people became our friends and dockmates over the years.

Paprika and Scho’n Off were still there.
So were our friends, Sailor Mike and Linda in Spiritwind.

After all these years, they were still there. We ran into the guy who kept his boat behind ours at the next dock for many years. He was sitting outside and remembered Bob after all this time. He and his boat looked the same…maybe a little older. For a Saturday, there weren’t many people around.

There were quite few new boats in the marina. Some were very expensive and unusual.

The marina office looked the same, but they had created a nice fire-pit gathering area for the boaters to enjoy.

When we first came to Alibi Dock with our boat in 1995, we were located out on the main wall at the end of the dock where this blue boat sits now. We made some really good friends out there.

When we got a larger boat, we needed a bigger slip and they put us along the wall where this small boat sits now.

People were always amazed at how we were able to get our 46′ boat into that space, but we always did. We were there for 8 years. We loved the time we spent there!

From the Alibi Dock, we walked up to Main Street and checked out some of my favorite old shops.

We walked past The Loft and other shops where the old C and C Supper Club once stood. It was sad to see such an iconic landmark disappear.

From there, we stopped in the Fish Creek Market to see if it had changed, but it was the same small town store we knew and loved. It had everything in it!

We stopped in the Bayside Tavern and found the only available table left to order a couple of beers and an appetizer.

It was very crowded and loud. I think that is where everyone in town was hanging out.

We finished our drinks and food and walked back to the Jeep. We took the back way out of Fish Creek along Cottage Row where some of the larger, more expensive “cottages” stood.

Unfortunately, some of those quaint little cottages were torn down and large monstrosities were built in their place. Many were still under construction. They are hardly summer cottages anymore.

Back at the bus, we spent some time outside with Auggie before dinner. We left at 4:15 to drive back to Fish Creek for dinner at the Greenwood Supper Club.

As seems to be the case everywhere we go, restaurants are having trouble getting workers and so they are very understaffed. Many have cut their hours of operation or closed up completely. The Greenwood cut back its days of operation to only being open Fridays and Saturdays due to staffing problems. The bar opened at 4:30 and dinner was served at 5:00. Bob wanted to get there when the place opened and be one of the first to get our name on the list for dinner. We walked in the door at 4:30 as soon as they opened, and sat at the bar after getting our names on the dinner list. After all, this was our celebratory anniversary dinner. I had…you guessed it…an Old Fashioned at the bar as we waited to be called. It was as good as the others I’ve had on this trip. We both ordered the prime rib special and had a delicious dinner with great service.

They were only seating so many tables at one time due to the shortage of waitstaff and so we were very lucky to be seated first.

When we left with our doggie bags, the bar area was very crowded with waiting diners. We were happy to see that the Greenwood was doing good business. We would hate to see that historic landmark disappear after being in business since 1929. On our way back to the campground, we had to wait for this pretty doe to cross the road. Last night on our drive home, we saw two more deer cross in front of us.

We drove back to the campground with very full stomachs. Auggie got dinner at his normal time and we took an extra long walk after dinner. We both needed to walk off our dinners. The three of us enjoyed some quiet time and a relaxing evening. We had a wonderful 39th anniversary!

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